Are you an independent artist in need of an Electronic Press Kit (EPK)? Are you looking for a website alternative? Look no further! Hip Hop Everything is now offering professional EPKs - directly attached to its platform, guaranteeing exposure and saving the artists the hassle of website/domain development, upkeep, and associated fees. PLUS THEY LOOK GREAT!


HHE EPK goes for $200 and includes:

  1. Artist Bio

  2. Artist Social Media

  3. Artist Gallery 

  4. Artist Press

  5. Artist Video

  6. Quarterly-content-updates (every 3 months for 1 year).  


HHE EPK Subscription ($200) is valid for 12 months which includes the 'Quarterly-Content-Updates'.  Artists have the option to renew their subscription every year for a $75 fee to unlock the 'Quarterly-Content-Updates'.



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