HipHop Everything : Maschine Masters, Whats New?.

To all music producers around the world who work hard on their craft and brand, I wanted to share with you something that I just found out. Do you know of Maschine Masters? Of course you do. Many avid music producers are catching on to their movement, services and website. I joined the community going on two years ago because of their beat battles, tutorials on Native Instrument’s Maschine beat pad and the free sample packs every saturday.

Since then, they have grown and have more to offer with special giveaways, Akai MPC Renaissance tutorials and the addition of mixing and mastering services. But what I really wanted to shine light on is the fact that Maschine Masters now submit your music to Major labels. Do you know how hard it is to locate an agent to get your music to the right ears? Well now you have another option to consider. Visit their website to see their monthly and yearly membership plans. Enjoy!

Mixing Prices:

Mixing – $30 (Single Track Beat Song)

Mastering – $20

Full Song Mix – $100 (Unlimited Tracks)

Full Beat Mix – $100 (Unlimited Tracks)


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