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This blog is intended to promote the addition of “Press Kits” to HipHopEverything’s service list. Recently we created a press kit for a local artist that goes by the name of Lostastic. We used this press kit for a Full Sail University assignment, which focused on what to do after securing an agent, and came back graded with an A+. So we figured we’d offer press kits to artists preparing for the next big step. You can find some examples below.

You may ask yourself, what is a press kit and why is it so important? At HipHopEverything we see press kits to be more of a one-stop-shop for agents, producers and even bloggers to easily find whatever they are looking for, from you. Whether it is music, your Instagram name, latest venue booked or reviews. They need either a PDF file (physical press kit) or a website (Electronic press kit), which would be used to pitch/showcase your talents and provides those interested with your contact information. The importance behind the kit is that it is a direct representation of you, which paints a professional image to potential A&R’s and booking agents reviewing your press kit.

The last thing you want is to feel like you talking a good game and then get caught with a blank face but when asked for a press kit. If you are serious about your artistry, having a professional press kit is one way to show for it. A HipHopEverything press kit will contain, the artist’s biography and logo. A demo of the artist’s music and artist contact information. Including photos, social media credentials, press reviews, interviews and/or blog features. In conclusion, a press kit is a tool intended to help land greater opportunities. We offer both, the physical and electronic type. You can see what we did for Lostastic as both kits are available for you to view.

#HipHopEverything  HipHop Everything | CrownOnTilt | Lostastic

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