HipHop Everything : Lil Wayne - “My Next Rant's Gonna Be In Court”

Regardless of what Lil Wayne’s manager says, the feud between Lil Wayne and Birdman continues to escalate as Lil Wayne threatens to take the current issues to court in attempt to separate from the label, if Cash Money doesn’t drop his album immediately. Although Wayne has made several statements publically against Cash Money like, “it’s a fucked up situation” and “my days at the label are numbered”, he makes it official when, according to TMZ he said, “My next rant is going to be in court!

Obviously Lil Wayne is upset and not settling for Birdman’s claims of “administrative work” being the factor that’s delaying the release date of his highly anticipated album, Tha Carter V, and we get that. While Lil Wayne is tired of apologizing to his fans for the label’s inconsistency with release dates, Birdman says the album will be released, but at his time. Claiming, “Weezy is just a rapper, not a businessman, so what does he know? Lets see how this all pans out considering Birdman made it clear that he was willing to go to court if need be, “because a contract is a contract” and added “Lil Wayne will fly the coop over my dead body.

Crazy, isn’t it? Considering the rapport these two had. All that can be said to all Indie artists out there is to get it on paper and watch what you sign. In order for Lil Wayne to be successful in court he needs a good defense and the only defense that works in court are the terms expressed in an agreement and/or contract, see the picture I’m painting? The staff at GSD and HipHopEverything wishes Lil Wayne the best of luck and hopes to hear some good music from the project whenever released. Honestly though, something has to be going on here when other artists under the same label share the same experiences and feelings. We urge the Hip-Hop community to express them selves. That said, whats your perspecrive?

@LilTunechi shares his feelings on #Twitter


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