Young Dedicated Proper, West -Side Femcee talks with #HipHopEverything

We have a young, multitalented femcee with us today and her name is YDP. She brings a lot to the table and has the potential to do anything she wants. Let’s get to know her.

- YDP, Welcome to Hip Hop Everything. We see you working nonstop. You got your hands in producing and artistry as well. Tell everybody where you from, what you do and break down the name for us.


Y.D.P stands for Young Dedicated & Proper I'm a female Rapper from California born in LA raised in the Bay Area. I currently go to Expressions College for the Digital Arts where I will obtain my Bachelors degree in Sound Engineering. I do a lot of different art I draw, I shoot and edit videos and I currently have my own radio station through my school. I do a lot of graphic designs for local promoters. Whatever there is to learn I'm on it.

- Ok! We see you hungry and really passionate about this. We heard your song “The Realest” on Spotify! That’s a good look. Talk about your style. If you had to quickly describe your own style, how would you go about that?


I have a mixture of the Bay Area and LA mix going on. With my family being from Richmond, CA and me being born in LA and spending all summers out there I grew up listening to my LA cousin’s music like Snoop, Ice Cube etc then during the school year listening to the Bay music. I'm a major E40 , Mac Dre and Too Short fan so my music reflects of them along with me being a Snoop Dogg, NWA and more recently a Kendrick Lamar Fan. Basically my style is 100% West Coast.

- That’s awesome. I can see and make the connections now. Your style has led you to be featured on Team Back Pack’s 2015 live Cypher, correct? Talk about that and any other accomplishments the streets need to know about!


Yes, This year I was a finalist in Team Backpacks Mission Underground LA. I sent in my audition video and was picked to be a finalist for the live auditions which was dope, not winning a top spot wasn’t an issue because the connections gained was more rewarding. Plus they still call or email you to do cyphers in your own city so you never really lost.

This Year I've had the opportunity to be in Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright” Video. I also was blessed with the opportunity to perform in front of thousands of people at San Francisco Pride that was Big for me. I've also had the opportunity to interview Bay Area legend Mac Mall on my radio station so this year has been pretty good for me.

- Say it ain’t so. I give you props on that. That tells me you really about your grind, out there, getting it in with the peoples. What got you started on this Hip Hop journey? Who’s your major influencer? Let us know what motivated you to take this route and what’s the motivation to keep pushing today?


My Big Cousin "Big Crim" who I'm actually named after is really my influencer. Him and his friends were the original "Y.D.P" which stood for Young Devastating & Proper. They were based in LA and I watched them for years. After my Cousin was locked down for 7 years and the rest of the guys passed away. I took on the name and changed the acronym. The main reason I stay motivated is to have a voice I want people to hear what I have to say, hear my story and feel what I feel on the daily.

- I respect that. Tell me, what is YDP doing different then the rest in the attempt to stay ahead in the game? How does YDP have one up on the competition? Talk to us.


Staying ahead of the game isn't a focus because it's ever changing the only way to be successful is to be YDP. There is only one and nobody can duplicate it. The only option is to be real to yourself no matter the opinions of others.

- Love it. Well said. You want to tell us a little bit about the methodology? How does YDP come up with it’s music? What’s the creative process? Is it writing solo? Party ambience? Off the top? Talk to us.


My music is written off the feel of the beat. I get a story in my head then I take off. One thing about my music is I try not to curse in my verses but nobody’s perfect.

- When can the fans expect new music? Any new future features we should know about? What’s to expect from YDP in the near future?


I'm releasing my EP "Welcome To The Wild Wild West" on Novemeber 26th 2015. The EP has 5 Songs with features from Big Crim, PSO, Mac Free, Amir Dismore with a few songs Produced by TG9. I am currently working with StayTooned ent and Bro Jackson on my music videos so they will drop with the EP which will be on ITunes, Google Play, spotify and more.

- YDP, we appreciate cha’. We digging the story and looking forward to the release of "Welcome To The Wild Wild West".

Twitter: @ydp_proper

Instagram: @king_Proper




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