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Hip Hop Everything welcomes A.R, a Hip-Hop artist that uses music to escape harsh realities and is down to share his experiences on single at a time. His latest singles are “Let it Rock” and Black America and you can find him on Twitter under @ARNATIONWIDE. In the attempt to learn more about this artist, we asked him a couple of questions:

- Welcome to Hip Hop’s #Indie-Hotspot. Introduce yourself and tell everybody where you from brother.


What’s up everybody? My name is A.R. and I’m from Harlem, NYC born and raised.

- East Side in the house!!! Glad we can chop it up. Lets start with Black America. I’m feeling the track, especially knowing you are in the military, which we salute you for. Out of all these issues we are experiencing today in this much corrupt world, what hit home with you the most? What really inspired the content to this record? We want to know!


First, thanks and thanks… Now getting to the questions, around the time of the Mike Brown case I started to feel the racial tension that was going on in our country. Following that situation there was a string of events that made me pay attention even more. It hit home after the Eric Garner verdict, mainly because I’m from NY and all the ambiguity that was present in the Mike Brown case was eliminated in the Eric Garner case. The world saw with their own two eyes that a cop could get away with murder and it’s truly out of our control. That situation inspired “Black America” but it had been brewing for months, maybe even years because I was alive for the injustices of Rodney King and Amadou Diallo.

- It is out of control. That’s why we need true MC’s that are willing to speak on these delicate issues. We salute you for sharing your perspective. Lets talk about wow did it all start for you. When did you realize that you were to become a Hip Hop artist? And what keeps you pushing today?


Music has always been part of my life even before rap. Rap was introduced to me by my older cousin when I was 9 and it became very important to me because it was my therapy, and still is today. I realized Hip Hop was what I wanted to be part of after a very rough time in my life. It was a moment of clarity for me, I realized that the one thing that made me feel free from day one was Hip Hop. It allowed me to express myself in the best of times and the worst of times, from there I hit the ground running. What pushes me now is that feeling of freedom and the support of my family.

- Hip Hop is expression at its full extent. There’s a lot to gain from it when used properly. Tell me, what is A.R doing different then the rest in the attempt to stay ahead in the game? How does AR plan to have one up on the competition? Talk to us.


I’m taking my time to learn and develop as an artist and a business. Having a military background helps because I understand that there is a process to maximizing all of my talent. I’m in no rush to be average, and my eye is on a wayyy bigger prize then just getting on. I’m willing to make the mistakes and I’m definitely no stranger to hard work so in a

- Awesome. That’s the mentality needed to succeed. Hard work, prioritizing and remaining humble are key. I truly wish you luck brother. You want to tell us a little bit about the methodology? How do you come up with music? What’s the creative process? Is it writing solo? Party ambience? Off the top? Talk to us.


Man, that’s a good question! I can’t say that I have one set thing that I do every single time but I do come up with most of my concepts while I’m driving. My car seems to be the one place where it’s easiest for me to put words together. I prefer to write solo when I’m creating a song just so I can hear what the beat is telling me to do as far as putting words on paper is concerned. If the beat doesn’t compel me it’s extremely hard for me to write.

- Ha! The car set-up, I heard of that before. I too write solo-dolo for the same reasons. When can the fans expect new music? Any future projects we should know about? What’s to expect from A.R in the near future?


The fans can expect new music from me very soon. I have a single getting ready to drop called “Like a Millionaire” which is one of the singles off of my up and coming EP “Already Ready” so watch out for that. Expect more music, more videos, more performances and definitely more A.R in the near future. I appreciate the love in advance and thank you to all of the A.R fans out there, ya’ll keep me going.

- We’ll be looking out for “Like a Millionaire”! Besides #HipHopEverything & #HHERadio Where can the fans find you brother? Give us the site, the IG, Twitter and all. We’ll definitely keep in touch. We appreciate your time. #BlessUp


Absolutely, you can find more music and exclusive content directly on my website armusicnation.com and follow me on Twitter and IG @arnationwide. Don’t be afraid to drop in and say what’s up, show some love, or even a critique. And thanks #HipHopEverything I appreciate the interview. #BeCool





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