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Today #HipHopEverything introduces you to FloKid, a Hip-Hop artist from North Miami Beach who showcases intricate wordplay and sticky flows. The combination of these traits, added to his consistent track record makes him a force to be reckoned with. That said, Ignoring FloKid’s craft at this point is useless. This guy’s work ethic is priceless and you can see on all social media platforms. This is what you see in someone who knows what they want and work hard for it, that’s why they call him North Miami’s Beach Savior. I was scrolling through one of my affiliated Indie-Hotspots (CrownOnTilt) and decided to view “CROOKS” by FloKid and knew immediately this artist is going places. This single entails substantial lyrics and metaphors in a way to symbolize many aspects of a crook. Peep game and act like you know sumn'.

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Twitter: @FloKid88

Instagram: @FloKid88

Soundcloud: @FloKid

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