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Recently, we've had the honor to chop it up with a Avon Park Florida Hip-Hop artist, LOSTASTIC. This guy is the product of "Finding Thy Self and knowing who you are" it's almost as if somebody did a S.W.O.T analysis on this cat and handed over the paperwork. He's that good.

That said, this artist brings a new style home and some has gone to even say he's on lane of his own. LOSTASIC's flexibility on going from hard-core heavy hitting flows to slowed-down heavy-content rhymes is slick and entertaining. Hip Hop Everything definitely recommends that you add LOSTASTIC to your playlist.

Today LOSTASTIC releases "Know Not" exclusively on our platform, that's love. As part of the blog-process, LOSTASTIC was interviewed by ITZ DRACO, president of Hip Hop Everything. Let's see what the buzz is all about:

ITZ DRACO : Wattup LOSTASTIC. Is there a story in particular behind your new single "Know Not"?

Hip Hop Everything interviews Lostastic. #1 IndieHotspot Hip Hop Blogs

LOSTASTIC: Oh yeah always a story!! I'm a bit of a truth seeker and on my journey I see so many people manipulated and dumbed down by the media but also by their role models friends family etc and the problem with people is if they THINK it's a credible source then they just roll with it and live their lives never genuinely knowing ANYTHING just what they were told.. So I made this song that I hope sticks in their heads every time they're told some bullcrap remember they know not what they think they know stop you gon hear the most talk from niggas that so lost.. I'm not telling you how or what to do anything I'm just letting you know that you need to start knowing.

ITZ DRACO : What's up with the name Lostastic?

LOSTASTIC: Well the story behind the name LOSTASTIC starts a couple years ago.. If anyone doesn't know the call me Los.. I struggled finding a stage name that I enjoyed and was confident with.. I made a song way back when that was actually called LOSTASTIC in the hook I said let them know when I'm on the flow its LOSTASTIC.. Basically as an adjective describing my flow to be fantastic.. But Los style.. As the song grew the adjective kinda stuck with everything I did it was all LOSTASTIC.. It was me.. And there was the birth.

ITZ DRACO: In what direction do you envision yourself in the near future. What are the goals of LOSTASTIC ?

Hip Hop Everything interviews Lostastic. #1 IndieHotspot Hip Hop Blogs

LOSTASTIC: "I'm here to bring pain and I hope it brings change" that's the direction of LOSTASTIC as a brand.. I'm here whether the world is ready or not.. Those who go against feel the pain those who come with will feel the change.. The few artists who are actually artists in hip hop aren't enough and don't drop enough content.. You can't help save hip hop if nobody hears from you for months on end.. I'm here to work.. Make good music that people including other rappers can relate to and use to better themselves.. I will be making lots and lots of music you will see me everywhere with all your favorite artists (unless you like young thug nshit) and I'm gonna be LOSTASTIC the whole way.. A lot of artists create facades to rap behind but I'm gonna hit the world with me! I'm going to use the media to do the opposite of what it's doing.

ITZ DRACO: If you had to quickly describe your music, how would you pitch that?

If I had to describe my music it'd be dynamic versatile and artistic.. And I use artistic heavily because that's what is missing from hip hop.. People hear a track and a flow.. And that's their cue to make something like that.. But you don't see painters seeing something someone painted and painting it themselves trying to sell it.. It's cool if you like how someone approached something and utilize it to your own style but to focus on one thing that was created by someone else? That's not art you're basically doing covers.. Art is different art is new art is YOU.. Hah #bars okay sorry but yes that's how I would describe it

Hip Hop Everything interviews Lostastic. #1 IndieHotspot Hip Hop Blogs

ITZ DRACO: Lostastic, Tell them the name of your next single/project/freestyle? And where your fans can find it.

LOSTASTIC: So many dope tracks coming out I'm too excited.. They'll be built into a nice ep which I'm going to be so confident in.. We have Check Me coming out which was produced by you *daps* a more aggressive track where I talk some shit

We have "Rappers Can't Rap" produced by our homie Loom a super smooth track where I show people how to rap with the beat and not on top of it

We have one that I produced Oop did I say that I produced it? Oh yeah I did which is gonna be a whole new side of LOSTASTIC and a few more this is going to be a great year for hip hop and LOSTASTIC.

Hip Hop Everything interviews Lostastic. #1 IndieHotspot Hip Hop Blogs
Hip Hop Everything interviews Lostastic. #1 IndieHotspot Hip Hop Blogs
Hip Hop Everything interviews Lostastic. #1 IndieHotspot Hip Hop Blogs

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