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Real s/o to those artists who literally living out what they rap about. Nothing like that “at home” feel you get when you hear some “real” emotions and “true” stories accompanied by good music. That said, we introduce you to Trizzy Tree. An Hip Hop artists coming out of Miami, who promises nothing but the good music, relatetable content and true artistry.

Trizzy Tree is now further building his empire at a fast pace. His latest hit, “Why They Hatin” is on heavy rotation on Miami’s own #99Jamz. He is also working on his next mixtape, “Long Way From The Bottom”, and just dropped a dope story-telling type joint called “Fresh Out (Tears Of Joy Freestyle)”. We got a chance to chop it up with Trizzy Tree and got him to answer a couple questions. Check it out.

-Trizzy ... Welcome to the realist #Indie-Hotspot of 2015. Tell everybody what the streets call you and why! Where you from? What you rep? Talk to us.

Trizzy Tree:

What it do world this is Trizzy Tree the leader of the new skool checking in. I got the name Trizzy Tree from being incarcerated in the state prison I’m so tall 6'5 so people just started calling me Tree and my boy Murder from West Palm beach just put a twist to it n was like Trizzy so I was like yea I like that and ran with it. I’m from Miami Florida from a hood that got famous from Rick Ross called Carol City but my lil section that I rep is called the 4way so when you see me throwin’ the 4's … up I’m jus reppin my hood!

- With the lack of content in today's music. What kind of message you tend deliver?

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Trizzy Tree:

I see myself as the voice for the have-nots because I really grew up with nothing so the message I put out in my music is what I've been threw or seen growing up in the streets, I mean the good the bad an the ugly, I aint cuttin no corners.

-How did this journey into Hip Hop start? Who’s your major influencer? Let us know how, what and where did it all start for you as an independent Hip Hop artist.

Trizzy Tree:

Well basically me doing music all started when I went to prison an was lookin for something to do when I get released instead of doin what I use to do an dats being in the streets, so I jus picked up the pen an paper an started putting down my thoughts, then I started letting people listen to it and the reaction that I received blew my mind because I was jus messing wit it so that kind of fueled me to keep going. Some of the major influences ppl wise is my big bro J-Savvy, he doing his music thing now to, he always been in my life encouraging me to do better in whatever I wanted to do so when I got released I hit him up an was like, “I’m bout to fuck wit the music” and with out question he drove wayyyyy to Dade County to pick me up an took me to the studio, I think it kind of shocked him to see what came out of my mouth cuz he never knew I rap.

Trizzy Tree on #HipHopEverything_edited

Also another person is my main man Joey Glimco. I met him In prison, he older then me so when I first met him I had just landed at this one prison an I went to the rec yard an jumped in the cipher an me an him was kickin verses back an forth and he told me he aint neva heard somebody kick it like I do so he took me under his wing sat me down gave me all type of next level books to strengthen my mind, then introduce me to his big homie Woe Woe and we formed the label SKMG an the rest is history, what we making now lol.

-You currently working on any projects? If so, when can the fans expect that to hit the waves?

Trizzy Tree:

Right now I’m working on my first official mixtape called (A Long way from the Bottom) we haven't came up wit a official release date but it will definitely be dropin before the year is up.

Mannn, you on point brother! The work ethic is undeniable. Stay the course!





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