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Cony chops it up with Hip Hop Everything #IndieHotspot Home of Hip Hop Blogs

Today we talk about Cony, another talented artist from New Jersey who has managed to capture the attention of many at a rapid pace. His Soundcloud account reflects 11k - 35k plays each track and I see why. He’s putting in work for a niche audience and they’re loving it. Cony specializes in poetry… poetry infused with flow and urban culture. What makes Cony a powerhouse is his level of professionalism, genuine support and understanding of healthy networking. Plus, the girls got a thing for the homie.

Cony chops it up with Hip Hop Everything #IndieHotspot Home of Hip Hop Blogs

In a quick interview we got Cony to answer a couple of questions. Check it out.

H|E: Cony, welcome brother. Glad to have you here. I see your single “Waves” getting a lot of attention. I salute you for that. Now tell the world where you from and how you came up with “CONY”?

Cony: I’m from Linden NJ & Carteret NJ, repping PoetrySpeakz & Hip Hop Everything. My actual name is Marcony But I Dropped The First Three Letters Off.

H|E: That's love. Considering the fact that you’re working in a market of your own, what kind of message you tend to send through your music and why?

Cony: The type of music I put out is very different. The style of Music I put I put out is a mix of Poetry, RNB, Rap & Soul all put together. I just want to tell stories, I just want to educate the mind and heal the broken, I AM THE VOICE OF THE VOICELESS!

H|E: That’s dope Cony. What got you here, how did it all start?

Cony: Wow actually my background to music is very interesting. I lost my grandmother to cancer and I took the blame for her death. I was lost myself trying to find myself and I was in a very dark place, when I thought things couldn’t get worst my father had THREE heart attacks. Growing up was just a lot, especially being separated from your birth mother and being the oldest out of Six kids was a lot to take on alone. I began writing on the walls in my room but my mother was not having that so I began writing in a little yellow notebook. I was that kid that you seen around that always carried that yellow note book and never let anyone read it because inside that notebook was my deepest thoughts.

Cony chops it up with Hip Hop Everything #IndieHotspot Home of Hip Hop Blogs

H|E: Cony, you obviously placed yourself in a lane of your own. Want to elaborate on that?

Cony: Man in this music field its NON STOP competition. I put myself in a different lane where I just make good music, the more you compete with other artists the more you force yourself to reach expectations that you may never reach one day. I just do me I’ve been killing this music game hitting Over 3K plays a week so aye my methods must be working.

Cony chops it up with Hip Hop Everything #IndieHotspot Home of Hip Hop Blogs

H|E: I peeped game man, that’s a good look. Besides that, what other achievements you proud of and what can the fans expect next?

Cony: Where do I even start? Well my songs were aired on the radio , I got a couple radio interviews with celebrity bloggers, I was mentioned as “ Soundcloud’s Top 10 Best New Artist “ , I got one of the BEST project about to release and one of the dopest DJ’s hosting it. So I’m very proud.

I am currently working on the new mixtape called “ FLOWETRY II “ which DJ Tarzan from The Plug, The Next Big Showcase is hosting he is also involved with The Source and Hot97. I have artists from: L.A , NY, CALI & ect. Featured on this project I’m expanding. After this project I’m trying to go behind the music such as producing, writing for other artists and more things like that.

H|E: Awesome Cony. I see great things for you in the future, keep grinding and make sure you keep us updated with that new project.

Make sure you follow CONY:

Twitter @Poetry_Speakz

Instagram @theyscream_cony

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