March 17, 2015



Isn’t it great when you follow your instincts and benefit from the decision of doing so?  “Believe in yourself, grind and become a success story” were the words of Stable, founder of Stable Musik Group LLC (#SMG) who recently earned his spot (station) on PANDORA Internet Radio. Now that’s an accomplishment. In a world full of excuses and trend followers, only the dedicated survive. Let this be an example of the benefits of hard work, self-belief and courage, the courage to go against all odds.


   That said, follow Stable on Twitter as he shares positivity the Harlem way and look for Stable Radio on Pandora for a variety of real rap, smooth vibing east coast tracks inluding Stable's own project, "Made In Harlem" and use it as an example and/or motivation to believe in yourself. I mean… if not, who will? The #SMG team are working on major power moves, you can expect new music videos coming from SMG's own Tickey Boom Boom and Premo.





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