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Dope Dope shout out to Native Wellz. I Just checked you and I’m feeling the Steelo homie. Welcome to 2015’s Indie-Hotspot. Where you from Wellz? Go ahead and Introduce yourself to the wolrd.

Native Wellz:

What it do, this ya boy Native Wellz AKA (MR. I GETS IT DONE). I’m from SYRACUSE NY, POWERSTREET ENT is the label. KRENSHAW is the Family. NYCCONNEXION is my Management Team

- I see you and your team making moves Wellz. You got a Mixtape dropping soon. Got Video-blogs popping. And you’re working hard to get your music heard. Give us some dates brother. Talk about the mixtape and why you grind so hard. Is Native Wellz here to stay?

Native Wellz:

Well I just got done with my first debut mixtape which is call ROCK-N-ROLLA I’m now working on my 2nd mixtape call "THE OVER FLOW" Hosted by DJ-ROBLOW, Hottest DJ on the East Coast Right now and at the same time I’m working on my first LP call "HOMETOWN HERO" so its gonna be a crazy next few months I’m looking for the mixtape to be dropped this spring and my LP dropping this summer.

- Ok. So you obviously working on pushing out content consistently. Is that what separates you from every other rapper in the East Coast?

Native Wellz:

What separates me from other artist is the Grind, that’s what I’m really known for. I’m the CEO of POWERSTREET ENT: I was Managing artists first being behind the scenes so its only been a little over a year since I been rapping and look how far I’ve gotten. Further than rappers that’s been doing it for 10-12 years. I use to ask myself what makes me different than anybody else that’s doing it you know nowa days everybody and there momma is rapping, so its how you move and making the right power moves along with networking is how you separate yourself from others.

- I agre 100% Its all about #PowerMoves and healthy networking. What’s the goal right now? What are you shooting for with all the hard work and consistency?

Native Wellz:

The Goal right now is to be Successful at what I’m doing and that’s being original as an artist, being able to take care of my family. In order to play this game we call Hip Hop it takes 4 things Ambition, Drive, Dedication, and the willing to Sacrifice. If you’re not willing to sacrifice and have all 3 you’re probably not going to making very far and I’ve sacrifice plenty. I came from playing ball owning my company to being homeless me and my family sleeping in the car having no place to go from taking showers on the beach sleeping in hotels I been there so I know what its like.

- Damn. Real shit! Thats enough motivation right there. Lets talk creative process. What’s your music-making-process? Tell us how Native Wellz comes up with music?

Native Wellz:

My music making process varies all depend what mood I’m in. I love to be around family with a bottle of Henny, couple of blacks (black&milds) and zone out. Other times there’s nights I can’t sleep. I go down to the studio and lay a track no matter what time it is 3-4 in the AM. But I’m more of a pen & Pad type I cant write on my IPhone shit I cant see LOL...

- Native Wellz, I appreciate you participating with our brand brother. Before you bounce, shout out the SQUAD and tell em’ where to find you at.

Native Wellz:

First and for most shout to God and thanking him for making me as talented as I am. My Moms I know she watching over me with every move that I make, my Son Censear and my 2 little girls Janiyah & Jazlyn, and my soldier my Ride or Die the 1st Lady of PSE my wife Vanessa truly a blessing waking up to you every day. Also my PowerStreet team my Partner CAPO REEF, who’s been putting in a lot of sleepless nights.

All the artist that’s on PSE, ZAY, SHEEN86, CA$O, ONE-L, MIS S/O my man Vage our in house Producer and Graphic Designer nice with it. major S/O to 3 of the biggest supporters April hubberd, Crystal Hathaway and Diana Merritt fromEC Promotions keep showing love and keep supporting ya boy,my management team NYCCONNEXION and my Manager Edca Quinones and my Krenshaw family to me yall more family to me than the ones I got so I thank yall...

You can find me on Datpiff the new ROCKNROLLA is out now go download it I’m on everything, spotify, googleplay, shazzam,itunes,Amezon, Vevo, just to name a few follow me on my Native Wellz fan page on FB, IG NativeWellz,Twitter @nativeWellz follow me... I gotta say thank you to the GSD crew for giving me this opportunity to let my story be heard much love...

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