MonstarrBeatz chops it up w/ #HipHopEverything : #WeMC at SXSW

Major s/o to New Jersey’s #WeMC. This group has been capturing the attention of many in and out of their hometown.

Could it be dope music? Approachable characters? Consistent track record? Or a combination of all? We about to find out.

Today we got CEO of #WeMC’s Audio Trap House, MonstarrBeats aka El Chapo.

What’s up Chapo? You’ve accomplished a lot in the last couple of months. New Beats, Singles, Performances and interviews. I want to pick your brain as to what’s been going down but 1st… Introduce yourself homie. Where you from?

El Chapo:

Originally born in Tegucigalpa Honduras ...but raised in Perth Amboy New Jersey....

  • Where the names come from? Talk to the streets!

El Chapo:

Basically it came from the movie Space Jam and the MJ sneakers and i felt because I'm 6'5 my hight lol ....

  • So its proven that #WeMC is here to stay. Tell us about SXSW. How was the overall experience?

El Chapo:

It was crazy everything I heard and more....I met so many people that knew who we was because of Jay Smallz and my feet action Full Sail trained me to work so networking is the key if you do music you must be here . [I seen a couple mini vids of #WeMC’s travels, made any new connects?] Worldstar Hip Hop.... all hip hop... this is 50 .... any every label in the world ...honestly cause I network ...

  • What went down with Joey Bad A$$ and his bouncer? Did Jay Smallz call him out for a rap battle? If so, what went down?

El Chapo:

Lmfao ...dude was being and east coast artist to important to talk to smallz called him out right there and then later on I tweeted the homie like that was some food shit and bouncer a fag for that but I respect his job cause we getting payed ...but a close source said he didn't want no sauce because he know Jay Smallz got bars .....but we told him all bars ...

  • Did you meet any of your Hip Hop influencers?

El Chapo:

Nah missed them bro so busy networking ..bro it was crazy. [What were the bars, clubs, or location that will be remembered by #WeMC and Why?] All over TX we was killing shit .... every promoter ....

  • Lets talk about the Hurt John Experience. We got a video on our #IndieHotspot of Umar’s performance at this event. Talk about that. How was that experience?

El Chapo:

It was amazing it had the chance to have a big dj on the come up @sodrewski. .. that's hot 97 dj ... it was packed and crazy with so much networking ..we got a lil mad cause they cut my niggas time Umar the young lord of the team 20 year old with barz and dope look.

  • How you do it all brother?

El Chapo:

With love my brother it's been a six year progress since full mother is the real mvp aka Momma Monstarr. [You seem to genuinely make it your responsibility to look out for the squad, Is #WeMC striving to become the new Roc Nation, Cash Money, Etc.?] Something new cause new jersey has nothing besides Naught by Nature ......

  • Any new music and/or features on the way that we should be on the look out for?

El Chapo:Yes features nah we

got wemc and Jay Smallz singles on deck ....

  • Monstarr we appreciate you and what you doing for the culture, anything you wanna say to your current and near-future fans?

El Chapo:

Please be consistent and don't give up on your brand and be prepared for more downs in the starts.

Listen to El Chapo N Tristate Faze Vigilanty Pro By BammbammBeats

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