FlatLin3 drops "NEVER RUNNIN on" #HipHopEverything

Super dope s/o to FlatLin3, a female MC grinding for what's hers. As she places her music as her #1 priority she releases Never Runnin exclusively on #HipHopEverything. We had her answer a couple questions... check the answers below.

Welcome to 2015's Indie-Hotspot. What's the name and where you from?


They call me FlatLin3, because I simply Murder any beat sent my way. On a deeper note though, I was involved in a car accident back in 2007 where I flatlined twice but as you can see death wasn’t ready for me. I rep from the 718 to the 305 all day every day!

A lot of music today lack content. What kind of message you tend to send through your music?


Anyone can speak on the money, cars, and hoes that come along with the entertainment business but it takes real skill to paint a picture with words; that’s what I’m here for. I refuse to sell out. When it comes to my music I speak nothing but facts. I make that relatable music. One thing is for sure though, I’m not a rapper; everyone is one of those nowadays. I’m that lyricist with that delivery!

You currently working on any projects? If so, when can the fans expect that to hit the waves?


I have my “Never Runnin” Single droppin on 4/20. The mixtape I’m working on is called “No Commercials”, it’s drop date is TBD; going for a memorable date.

How did this journey into Hip Hop start? Who’s your major influencer? Let us know how, what and where did it all start for you as an independent Hip Hop artist.


I played around with music my senior year at Miami Sunset Senior High but I started taking it seriously once I graduated and moved to Georgia at the age of 18. My inspiration to write music came from my life experiences. I saw it as an outlet until people started asking me, “And why haven’t you made it yet?”

My major influences would be Tupac, Notorious BIG, Aaliyah, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Immortal Technique, Talib Kweli, and C-Murder.

What separates you (or your single/ or mixtape) from the rest of the competition?


I speak on facts when it comes to my music. I give everybody something they can actually relate to. On top of that, my music is diverse. Got music for my ladies, for my hustlas, my gangstas, my hopeless romantics, and my freaks. You name it I can kill it.

Any future goals? Or just living life in the fast line?


I am currently working on getting my Bachelors in Business Management and Entrepreneurship. I intend on opening up several studios in major cities like NYC, Miami, and ATL. Everyone who knows FlatLin3 knows I support the NAKED HUSTLE so I intend on opening up a couple strip clubs, with nothing but the baddest ladies, hand picked by me.

What recent accomplishments you’re proud of and why?


My two major accomplishments would be conquering death and serving in the Marine Corps for 6 years.

What’s your music-making-process? You like writing solo? A little drink in hand? Pen & pad or iPhone notes? Tell us how you come up with your dopest hits?


I absolutely love to write. I can write solo, with company, and in any environment. There is nothing wrong with a little inspiration to add to the mixture of writing some music. Like I said in my 32 Bar Take Off, “I love to toke, so I smoke the weed; and I love to drink so I popped the lid”. When it comes to my music I like to speak on things that people can relate to and if they can’t relate then I paint them a picture to bring them close enough to relating.

Even when we fail to notice, we inspire somebody. What advice would you give other aspiring artists trying to come up in the Rap game?


The best advice I can give to every aspiring artist is to stay true to the facts that you deliver; nothing more, nothing less.

Now shout out the SQUAD and tell em’ where to find you at:


Big shout out to #HipHopEverything for truly putting on for The Underground! I also have to give a huge shout out to my CHR fam, holding it down up in NY! Major Shout out to O.G. Productions for delivering them fire ass beats and killing the game with that engineer work! One more thing, if you haven’t heard of Hip Hop Everything than I have to say your slippin hardbody Son!

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