Frankie Da' Game Spitta is Winning on #HipHopEverything

Today the HHE Team sends major shout outs to Frankie Da’ Game Spitta. This Hip Hop artist landed 1st place on the “Freestyle Vote-Off” contest presented by Stable Musik Group x HHE and did that by a landslide with over 144 votes in total. I’ll tell you real quick… the kid is hungry, knows what he’s doing and is not alone. You may have heard of Frankie in “City Of Crime” featuring MJG (Pimp Type). We chopped it up with Da’ Game Spitta and got to know a little more about this entrepreneur. See/click below.

Welcome to #HipHopEverything. Glad to connect! Tell everybody what the streets call you, where you from and what you rep?

Frankie Da’ Game Spitta:

Frankie Da Game Spitta from Pine Bluff, AR. Repn the Dirty South.

Dirty South stand up! You was the last one to enter the contest, and left with the big win. #Salute. How did you hear about the SMG & HEE freestyle contest?

Frankie Da’ Game Spitta:

I found out about from a friend that hit my inbox and told me that I needed to be heard.

Word of mouth is a lovely thing aint it! You currently working on any projects? If so, when can the fans expect that to hit the waves?

Frankie Da’ Game Spitta:

I'm working on 2new singles/mini movies. And don't want to put a date on it because it has to be perfected first but all fans will know.

I feel you boss. Perfection is a blessing and the curse all together. Looking forwards to those singles tho, real talk. Gives us the “Who, When and Where” about your entry to Hip-Hop. When did you know you were to be an artist? Where did it all begin and who influenced you in to this path?

Frankie Da’ Game Spitta:

At the age of 15...On the school yard under the pavilion... I heard a girl spit and I thought it was cool. Wallah Magic!!

LOL, word? That’s wasssup. Tell me, what separates Frankie Da’ Game Spitta from the rest of the competition?

Frankie Da’ Game Spitta:

I pride myself of being different... Now days everybody talking about murder, drugs, and twerking.

Ok. I’m with you… So I take it you going to drop something heavy on #HipHopEverything Vol.1 right?

Frankie Da’ Game Spitta:

Lol...Yes I am...I'm a storyteller so just get prepared to listen to tha visual.

That’s what I’m talking about. What’s your source of motivation and what recent accomplishments you’re proud of and why?

Frankie Da’ Game Spitta:

My family motivates me to give my all...My accomplishments are the foundations that has been laid because all the positive feedback and the support from my family and friends.

They say teamwork makes the dream work right. People today oversee the value behind real support. Glad to see genuine support still exist. What’s your music making process? You like writing solo? A little drink in hand? Pen & pad or iPhone notes? Tell us how you come up with your dopest hits?

Frankie Da’ Game Spitta:

Zoning out to hot beats that make my pen flow with ease. Yes I love writing solo. Lol no drinks I'm a garden man...Both...The beat have to talk to me, I have to hear what the beat is saying.

Even when we fail to notice, we inspire somebody. What advice would you give other aspiring artists trying to come up in the Rap game?

Frankie Da’ Game Spitta:

Be original, don't follow trends, stay humble, patient, and positive.

Awesome,where can the fans find you at? Provide everybody with your social media links so we can all link up.

Frankie Da’ Game Spitta:



Twitter: @itsfrankie1

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