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Today we chop it up with a creative up and coming Hip-Hop producer that goes by the name of Jit The Beast. This guy is stupid nice with the sounds and is getting close to hit the waves with a dope project for all Hip Hop heads but we’ll let Jit The Beast give you the deets. 1st off lets find out a little more about this innovative Hip-Hop Producer.

Welcome to #HipHopEverything Jit. We appreciate your time. Where you from? How long have you been doing this? What got you started on producing?

Jit The Beast:

What's good and thanks for Having me. I'm from Memphis, Tennesse, born and raised. I'm happy to say I've been producing for over a decade, but have been taking it serious for the past 7-8 years. What started me to producing is me paying attention to detail to music in classic video game consoles like the Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, and Playstation.

-I heard that new release on Soundcloud, “Lets Go Crazy”. That’s pretty dope man, great sound palette. What other accomplishments? Any credits you want to mention? What’s out there with your stamp on it?

Jit The Beast:

As far as accomplishments, I've worked / done work and features Young Dro, Juicy J, 8 Ball, VH1, Spodee from Hustle Gang, Trae the Truth, Starlito. The last body of work to release is on Spodee's mixtape The B. I. D. Go check out Rollin'!

-Awesome bro. I love to see young entrepreneurs put in that work. Those are dope credits, besides that, what separates you as a producer from the rest of the competition?

Jit The Beast:

I think what sets me a part from other producers is my animated video game sounding beats. I've always had a different ear. My beats make you feel… From the grimy, trap sound to the laid back smooth sounds… I try to implement melody in every genre of music I make.

-What’s your music-making-process? You like writing solo? A little drink in hand? Pen & pad or iPhone notes? Tell us how you come up with your dopest beats?

Jit The Beast:

My music making process is what I like to call #808therapy. That’s basically me zoning out, becoming one with my instrumentation. Solo or a room full of people is fine with me. I just got comfortable working around people, haha. I come up with my dopest material after playing through one of my favorite games, and I have a long list of go-to-games!

-I salute you for that bro. That’s a great approach. You currently working on any projects? If so, when can the fans expect that to be available and where can we find more “Jit The Beast” instrumentals?

Jit The Beast:

Right now I'm working on Press Start, which is a instrumental mixtape sampling from video games I grew up playing. Nostalgia for gamers if you will... It'll be available April 30th for free. You can find more instrumentals on my soundcloud. /jitthebeast

-Yessss. Lets put that up on #HipHopEverything as well. We have plenty of indie artists that can benefit from this project. What advice would you give other producers trying to come up?

Jit The Beast:

My advice to upcoming producers is to always follow your heart and your ear. You never know who is listening so even when things seem like they aren't moving, keep a positive mindset and keep working.

I agree, EVERYONE IS LISTENING. Lol real talk, it’s all about passion and consistency. I appreciate you taking the time out. We’ll keep in touch. Go ahead and shout out the SQUAD and tell em’ where to find you at.

Jit The Beast:

I would like to shoutout my fellow producer homies, Sweat da Trac, Drews That Dude, Honorable C Note, Spook da Monster, Prezzley P, King V, Donye and his team, Sound Junkie, Beat Head Dre.. it's a lot more people so don't feel bad if I left you out!

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