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Today we welcome SAM BLACK to the realist #Indie-Hotspot of 2015. I see mad potential in this indie artist and like the concept of his next project 451. I'll let him do the talking. Blizzy, tell everybody what the streets call you and why! Where you from? What you rep? Talk to us.

Sam Blizzy:

My name is Sam Black most people call me Blizzy got the name from my block...I am from the mean streets of Jersey City, NJ live from Lexington & Bergen where its a damn near a miracle to make it out from... I rep for my entire city of JC!!!!!!

-I keep saying this. New Jersey got some dope dope artists that need to be heard. Glad to have you on board. A lot of music today lack content. What kind of message you tend to send through your music?

Sam Blizzy:

Music is definately missing content and I bring u that 90s feel that struggle to make it type feel...That come-up music that you and I can relate to the everyday people..

-Word. Tell em' the name of the album again and when can the streets expect that?

Sam Blizzy:

Currently working on my "451" Mixtape that should be out this May brought to you by Aviator Gang/WhatevaOk/SonyRed.

-How did this journey into Hip Hop start? Who’s your major influencer? Let us know how, what and where did it all start for you as an independent Hip Hop artist.

Sam Blizzy:

I started making music back in 2002 with a group called Bralikk Animalz but didnt actually take it serious until 2007...My biggest influences are Jay Z, Nas, Wu-Tang, 50 Cent, Rick Ross, T.I....Started rapping on the corners in cyphers used the money I made from hustling to book studio time and fell in love wit my pen and pad...

-What separates you (or your single/ or mixtape) from the rest of the competition?

Sam Blizzy:

What separates me from most in this game is originality I am who I say I am and my music speaks for me...No gimnicks No Handouts No Co-Sign etc...I plan on making my sound the new sound of the East

-Now shout out the SQUAD and tell em’ where to find you at:

Sam Blizzy:

You can find me on Facebook @Sam Horne...Instagram @_samblizzy Twitter @samblizzy also my Team on Instagram @demo_201 and dq_avg and @father_of2_kingz...For All Bookings hit up my management team at

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