“Sofa King Dope” - TYLER GARY on #HipHopEverything

Major S/o to Tyler Gary. We chopped it up with this refreshing Hip-Hop artist. Listen to his EP and check out what he had to say in this quick Q&A. Welcome to 2015’s #Indie-Hotspot. Tell everybody what the streets call you and where you from?


I go by Tyler Gary & I was born in San Jose, California. My career started when I moved to San Francisco.

Dope. You currently working on any projects?


I actually just turned my EP in to my label 2 weeks ago… its called “SofaKingDope” and it will be available in June via iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc.

I think I like that. There’s something to the title “SofaKing Dope” that pops! Besides that, what separates you from the rest of the competition?


All you have to do is listen & you’ll instantly hear what separates me from most other artists. It’s not just my delivery, I’m prude as shit when it comes to selecting the beats I’ll record to. It’s a process in itself… I’m a huge fan of synths, and heavy bass but you’ll notice a majority of my songs sound the exact opposite. I used to love making party tracks, still do sometimes… but as of late I like to make music you can chill too.

Awesome. I think we all agree on everybody digging that laid back/ chill music. Glad you take your craft seriously. I seen the work and wish you Nathan but the best! #Salute



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