S.B. The Anomoly from “The TheEyeconics” on #HipHopEverything

TheEyeconics Berlin Wall.jpg

In search for a dope indie environment we were referred to the @LoudHookahLounge in Orlando FL, where we met and witnessed S.B The Anomoly perform a poetic freestyle while @KingJavilistic, a dance instructor, break-danced to each line S.B dropped. I said to myself, “Now this is dope, Hip-Hop at its best”. Come to find out, “The Eyeconics” is an Hip-Hop duo made up of Bronx’s own S.B and a DeeJay/Producer who is none other than KRS-One son, Dj Predator Pr!me. The international duo’s most recent tour started in Europe and made its way to the United States, bridging the gap between the golden era of Hip-Hop and the music of todays generation. Check out their promo vid below and expect more from “The Eyeconics”.





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