ALTREY and The #BMN Movement : Been Making Noise

Today we talk with Rap Duo, Streetz & Rawlo's manager Altrey. Why? Because the kid has been making power moves one after another and has lined up the right connections to better the careers of those under his wing. Peep game as we chop it up with Altrey.

- Welcome to Hip Hop Everything, 2015’s #IndieHotspot. I’ve noticed the grind and I’m glad we could connect. Introduce yourself and your team. Where you from, what’s the background.


My name is Altrey CEO/Manager of rap group BMN (Been Makin Noise) based out of Lawrenceville, GA (Nawfside). Rap group consists of 2 artists by the names of Streetz & Rawlo. BMN is not only a rap group but it's also a movement/campaign. There's another solo artist under BMN by the name of Wiluciano. BMN has recently been working with super producer Zaytoven.

- Ok. Dope. The movement is growing. Last time I heard the rap duo was on Show Me The Money Vol. 14 & 15 with some bangers, Looking forward to see what Wiluciano brings to the plate. That said, what got you started on this management lane? Where and how did you meet Streetz and Rawlo? Was that the beginning of Been Making Noise, #BMN?


It all started out with me coming across Zaytoven in May of 2013. I seen the potential in Streetz with music since we were in high school & later seen the potential in Rawlo. But the two didn't start taking music serious nor have a single song recorded up until I had met Zaytoven & persuaded them to take it serious. I've known both of them since we were in middle school & they've been family since then. At first Streetz & Rawlo were just solo artist & one day I had just thought about it like "Man we gotta up with some type of movement since were about to get involved with music & its 2 of y'all." And that's how BMN was created. About 9 months later is when we decided that Streetz & Rawlo would become a group.

- Talk about recent and/or upcoming features. BMN currently working on any projects? If so, when can the fans expect that to hit the waves?


At the moment we haven't collabed with any industry artist besides Royce Rizzy (Soso Def). We know features will soon come but for the moment being were focused on finishing up the mixtape that will be dropping this summer. It's gonna be BIG & you can expect nothing but BANGERS on the tape!

- Love the energy and dedication brother. I see good things in the future for BMN. In your opinion, what separates your team/artists from the rest of the competition?


What separates BMN from the rest of the competition would have to be that were in our own lane, have our own sound & we not trying bite nobody. With that being said the group is very versatile & what I mean by that is they can switch it up.

-What’s the music-making-process? Tell us how BMN comes up with your dopest hits?


We all just come together as one, from there my brothers listen to a beat that they think is dope & from there it's history.

- Any advice would you give other aspiring artists trying to come up in the Rap game?


You gotta start from somewhere. The biggest artist in the game today came from nothing. You gotta stay down till you come up. Most important you gotta make sure your whole team on the same page. It all starts out with a vision & loyalty, consistency, & networking is all apart of the growth process.

Instagram/Twitter: @BMNCamp

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