Freeversve Vote-OFF WINNER: King Yoshi Man on #HipHopEverything

#HHE salutes and shines light on Yoshi, an ATL Hip-Hop artist originally from Cincinnati, for landing 1st place winner on the FREEVERSE Vote-OFF contest presented by SMG & #HipHopEverything.

Besides endless creativity, this artist’s work ethic is admirable. As you know this contest is more of a test of teamwork and support group, as it is the highest vote that claims the win. Yoshi and his team reached out to the online community daily, referring them to vote on our website and he won by a landslide with over 120+ votes for his freeverse. We chopped it with Yoshi and asked him a couple questions, Here is what he had to say, peep the Q&A below:

Congrats again Yoshi, who is your music for? And what’s the general message within your music?


I like to make my music for the weirdo’s aka loser’s stoners, outcasts, trippers, and party ppl. For the individuals who could care less about this or that and do themselves honestly. In short for the ppl who don't care about the thoughts of others. I say what I want how I feel and make sure that every word of that I spit is a hundred percent honest. This is my perception of life in my eyes.

Tell me you are working on new projects! When can the fans expect that to hit the waves?


I'm currently working on a project ahead of a behind time which I'm planning to release on Halloween using custom tracks built from the ground up to help display the talents that I have as well as providing uncomfortable outline for the track.

What’s the Hip Hop background-check? How did it all start? Who’s your major influencer?


I didn't start rapping till I was about 16 years old. I grew up watching musicals, listening to salsa, merengue, Christian, funk like Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and stuff like that. The first rap album in my room was Fabulous’ first rap album and I got it from my Dad for my birthday, he used to sale DVDs and CDs and stuff. Then Eminem, Freeway, Jadakiss, Styles P… I love how they played with words to paint an image in your mind with stories that you can relate to, on various scales of life.

What separates you from the rest of the competition?


I would have to say creativity is what sets me apart from most artists. I have the ability to become a chameleon, adapting and changing my style, voice and delivery to the tone of the beat, blending perfectly in most cases. When I’m freestyling and rapping, it’s was like a mini musical in my head and it's just cool new to this little break down ppl dance all over the place is love to me every time I rap I'm stroking a canvas.

What other accomplishments you would like to shine light on?


I set a couple of goals for myself last year and I was able to accomplish them in this year. One being, I wanted to be at South by Southwest. I was in it last year and with my good hard work, this year was possible especially thanks to my Yoshis, Dirty Shoes, yeah Dirty Shoes Music Group, Vineo Barbarino Duke Cold Cuts, Choze and The Daily Freshness... They looked out. I was also able to assist the Auburn Spring Festival and things to MC War Sacar and Dun-Tut that was possible as well mixtape will be dropping this Halloween. Just be happy to see that all the work that you put in you really get a chance to see a come back kind of helps guide you in the right direction you know.

What’s your music-making-process? Tell us how you come up with some of those crazy tunes?


How I come up with songs normally just start off laughing chillin with the yoshis and I'll start rapping but I'm talking at the same time. I might say like a dope line to a beat or something in the background, ppl be like whoa, like I was thinking like… “You know what? Maybe I should make this a song”. Or I'll just put on the headphones and spit whatever to the beat, whether I bring the beat or I never heard it before, I just sit there and listen to figure out what the beat says to me I just let it come out. I rap it before I think it.

Where can the fans find more of your music?


You can find my music on my website www dot Yoshi crew dot com powered by Cameron White hit him up if you guys need a good site you can also find me on Soundcloud Yoshi crew ReverbNation/y0shi n that's a zero not an o.

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