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Today we salute Britt Trees. A Philly Hip Hop artist now residing in Orlando FL which teamed up with producers Nard and B from “Grand Hustle” for his latest single, On The Real. We chopped it up with this Full Sail University Alumni, check what Britt Trees said below:

Wattup Britt, Welcome to 2015’s #Indie-Hotspot. Introduce yourself real quick and let them know where you from and what you do.

Britt Trees:

My rap name came from a mix of my real name (Britton) and my street name Trees. I’m from West Philly 56 st. I’m an independent recording artist and I engineer all my own music from home and send it to my homie Nando in ATL to master it.

-You currently working on any projects and where can the fans find said projects online?

Britt Trees:

My next mixtape is my 6th project, titled 4Eva. It’s 12 tracks on there and is now in the mastering process. Right now I’ve been promoting my single #OnTheReal produced by Nard & B (GrandHustle). My music can be found on Soundcloud, YouTube, Bandcamp, Datpiff, Facebook, as well as my site

-So you went to Full Sail! I salute you for that. That right there sir, is something we both have in common. That said, explain this and any other accomplishments you’re proud of to the fans.

Britt Trees:

I went to Full Sail University for Recording Arts & Entertainment Business (Bachelors) and it helped me become a better recording artist. I’m more hands on type of artist because of that.

-What’s your music-making-process? You like writing solo? A little drink in hand? Pen & pad or iPhone notes? Tell us how you come up with your dopest hits?

Britt Trees:

My music making process varies. Sometime I write, sometimes I don’t. This next project is a mix of both, but I wrote most of it. Anybody who knows me knows it's gonna be some gas in the room and either Patron, Henny, or Ciroc

-Even when we fail to notice, we inspire somebody. What advice would you give other aspiring artists trying to come up in the Rap game?

Britt Trees:

No matter how great your talents or efforts are, some things just take time. What matters is patience and that’s how I am with everything in life.

Soundcloud: brit_trees56


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