Milwaukee's own, Jaye Cane chops it up with #HipHopEverything

Hip Hop Everything welcomes Hip-Hop artist, Songwriter and Actor Jaye Cane. You’ve seen him acting in 'Devil At The Door' as the Antagonistic Mercenary and you’ll hear him on Hip Hop Everything Vol.1 #TheIndieTAPE with his hot single “Ridin” prod by Deafh. Today we chop it up with ATL’s own Jaye Cane in the attempt to gain a better perspective on this artist’s grind and artistry. Check below.

- Welcome to 2015’s #Indie-Hotspot. Introduce yourself. Tell everybody where you from?

[Jaye Cane]

I am Jaye Cane. I would consider myself a creative expressionist, Artist and poet from Milwaukee Wisconsin.

- I see that. We also see a great amount of work from your behalf. What other projects you got going on? Talk about Red Moon!

[Jaye Cane]

Well! Red moon EP is in the starting stages but I am going to bring the world something huge, something for the stage and for the performance part of music. I have so much invested in this project im going to cry, I'm going to hurt, im going to express myself to the fullest to start the healing process for millions around the world. From my word play, to my voice & to the sounds we put into each song. I promise this will be something big!

- Uffffffff. I’m feeling the energy. Especially as a lot of music today lack feeling & content. What kind of message you tend to send through your music? Who is your music for?

[Jaye Cane]

The message I send is "FREEDOM". I want people who take a liking to me and my music overall to feel free of boundaries. If you want to go for something go for it, if you want to cry .. cry, if you want to get up and dream another dream or finish the one you started get up and go get it. I am going to push so hard to make this Red Moon Ep a success! My music is for the ones who have been told no! Kicked while they were down, lived through the pain, smiled through the hurt, stood up and said I'm not going to lay down and let my dream die! My music is for the people who went through being in foster homes, went through being homeless at a young age, people who were abandoned by their parents, the ones who faced the world on their own and never gave up even when the fight was rough.

- I can assure you just gained the respect of many. That said, you can count w/ HHE support on your future endeavors. What else would you say separates JAYE CANE from the rest of the competition?

[Jaye Cane]

The pain, the story, the trails and tribulations I’ve been through. I would say that separates me. I have a very big presence, some say on or off stage and I have a way to make people understand, feel my energy and listen.

Bet. What’s your music-making-process? You like writing solo? A little drink in hand? Pen & pad or iPhone notes? Tell us how you come up with your dopest hits?

[Jaye Cane]

I’m like Ray Charles when it comes to my creative process…haha! I get in the studio and my producer deafh makes a beat from scratch. While he's pressing the keys im mumbling words and rifts all of a sudden a song is being created. The words just come out of nowhere. I get in the booth and boom! We've made something that probably made me cry or helped me release something i was holding unto.

-Awesome. I relate 1000% with the creative process. We appreciate your time and looking forward to Red Moon.

Find more Jaye Cane at:

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