J Savvy. Mr. Southrageous himself, chops it up w/ #HipHopEverything

Today we talk to J Savvy, a Hip-Hop artist with incredible drive, original sound and great wordplay. With the ability to seamlessly perform in the booth and on the stage, we are sure that J Savvy is soon to Take Off. We’ve seen the kid knock out a couple shows on tour and we’ve recently watch him team up Armageddon aka GEDDY for a summer hit called “Break Time”.

We chopped it up w J Savvy and asked him a couple of questions. Check what he said below:

- Welcome brother, introduce yourself and tell em’ where you from!

[J Savvy]

Joshua Ariza aka J Savvy born in Dade. Made in Palm Beach. Representing Florida to the fullest!!!

- Gun State stand up. Home of the Grill Out! So Savv, we featured your single “Break Time” feat Armageddon aka GEDDY on #TheIndieTAPE Hosted by @DjLumoney. How do you feel about the record and what other projects do you plan on surprising the fans with?

[J Savvy]

I had a blast writing to this joint. This "Break Time" record is a little different from what I normally do. It's got more of an underground gritty East Coast vibe to it, which I love about it, but yet it's not what my fans are used to hearing me on. I always love surprising my listeners though. A buddy of mine Elvis from NY linked Armageddon and I together. I was sketchy at first to do the record cause I don't just jump on tracks with anybody. But that's big homie so I told him I'd do my research and get back to him. Did my research, caught good vibes, got in contact with Geddy and the rest is history.

Once the song was done I knew we had a banger. I kept it southern and he kept it east coast. We did what we were supposed to do. S/O to Geddy for killing his verse and s/o to the whole Terror Squad camp for providing us with some classics for a long era!! I gotta project I'm working on now with a lot of dope collaborations. Also got a Southrageous volume 2 mixtape dropping 2016. Check for dates and updates for all my stuff at my website JSAVVY.COM.

- That’s Wassup. It’s always good to break out of the comfort zone at times. Shout out to Elvis for setting this up. Let us know how, what and where did it all start for you as an independent Hip Hop artist and when was it you took it serious?

[J Savvy]

I was always a fan of music. I don't know anyone who isn't. As far as Hip Hop, my big brother was an avid listener of all types of artists from all around the state, which really gave me a feel for a lot of different Hip Hop music. I started writing raps at 14 when I saw my brother doing it. At first I would mimic my favorite artists style and put my own words to their delivery. I learned quickly that in order to make a name for myself, I would have to create my own image, create my own sound and sense of style. The Psyclones, friends and fellow music producers of mine, helped me establish a new way of thinking and writing. I got lucky because they had their own sound, something I was missing. Writing over their beats helped me tremendously because they were doing something different, which made me write different in ways I wouldn't think to explore. Took me a while to find my place and what I really wanted to represent as a brand and say as a person. I took my music very serious before I found that brand and made a name for myself so you can only imagine how serious I am about sharing it to the world now. Southrageous Entertainment!!! I’m focused, %100 driven and willing take this as far as God's willing to take me.

- I'm a true believer of "Finding Thy Self" brother! I like how it went down for you. Besides the obvious passion for music, what else separates J Savvy from the rest of the competition?

[J Savvy]

I’m a people person. Like others, I don't make music to try to hustle people into giving me their money. I'm not interested in participating in the “get rich quick scheme” or the "glitz and glamor" side of the industry. I make music that lasts. Longevity to me is key. I want people to feel my music like I feel my music. I want my music to forever relate to them as it does for me. As long as I do what I know how to do to the best of my ability, I'll be successful. That's all that matters to me. That being said I have a song I wrote coming out called "Win", and to further elaborate on your question I'll quote a line from the song. "I don't look at this like a competition, only a battle within myself I need to win in!!" And that's real!!

- J Savvy, we appreciate cha! Shout out the SQUAD and tell em’ where to find you at:

[J Savvy]

Much love to all my family, my Southrageous affiliates, friends, fans, supporters and the good folks on the social media sites for watching, listening, caring, sharing, commenting, liking or hating. Either way it's all very much appreciated!!


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