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Today we have one of the artists to be featured on our next indie compilation called #GRINDRadioVOL1 Hosted by Dj CHIZZLE BEATZ. He goes by the name of 42 Keez and has some tricks up his sleeve. We asked him a couple questions, peep what this trending #HipHop artist has to say.

- We got 42 Keez in the building. Welcome to #HipHopEverything Keez. Let the world know where you from!

[42 Keez]

East side Chicago's Chatham area.

- Ok. Dope. Shout out to Chicago. I’m due for another trip to the Chi myself. Lets talk about your mixtape. Bartillery is something serious. Definitely a couple solid bangers on that project. What’s that one track that most resonates with you from Bartillery and why?

[42 Keez]

I would say track number 5, "That’s right". Mainly because I give an account of my life growing up. What I've seen, even my first time smoking some herb. The song means a lot to me. Also, the "bars" are still there, of course.

- Bet! Now the fans now what single to listen to next. Lets talk about the next move. You already know consistency is key so we expect some new heat pronto. Talk to me. What’s in 42 Keez arsenal?

[42 Keez]

Got a plethora of new music coming out soon. An EP's each with Ras Kas' artist El Gant (Spray Music), and Psalm One. Also working on my next solo project while still keeping my producer thing cracking. You should also expect more work from me & Twista soon as well. Stay tuned.

- Got’s to stay busy brother. I like that. We definitely looking forward to that Twister feature. What motivates you to keep pushing in this cutthroat industry?

[42 Keez]

Because I know I'm good at it. I can compete with these guys, I see it more now than ever. I'm still getting better. I have lots of potential, and because, my family and my team deserves to be a part of something major. It's been too long in the making.

- I like that. That’s love. Being family and team-considerate is major nowadays. You got your priorities straight and I salute you for that. Answer this, as a lot of music today lack content. What kind of message you tend to send through your music?

[42 Keez]

Indeed. The message I try to ultimately give to my listeners is more so a feeling. I want to give you chills, I want you to get excited, I want you to be happy and enjoy life. If I can slip in the "put the guns down, love your mother, lead our youth, etc." then all the more better.

- Awesome. You been great brother. We appreciate you giving us the opportunity to pick your brain and know that we’ll always be looking forward to new music from 42 Keez!

[42 Keez]

Much appreciated Hip Hop Everything! Anyone who wants to contact me I am "42 Keez" everywhere; Soundcloud, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, & IG. For features and or beat inquiries you can hit up my manager Mello: 773-992-6377 or email me at Book42Keez@gmail.com








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