Get to Know "MYLEZIA" on #HipHopEverything.


Today we talk to young diva in the making, @Mylezia! With a strong team, work ethic and consistent track record, this independent artist has opened the doors to a bright future. We asked her a couple questions, enjoy!

- Welcome to 2015’s #Indie-Hotspot. Tell everybody who we have the pleasure of speaking with and where you from?


My name is Mylezia King and I was born and raised in Wilmington, DE #1stState.

- Ok. Shout-outs to Wilmington. Lets get straight to the good stuff. What motives Mylezia King to not give up and keep pushing?


I’m built differently. My foundation is strong. Being raised by a Single mother…all you see are obstacles but you learn how to maneuver around them. Before I entered this business I had to a make decision. Once I’m in…. I’m all in.

- I like that. Big Ups to Jackie King. Besides her, who has been a major influencer when it comes to the music industry? Let us know how, what and where did it all start for you as an independent artist.


I love Alicia Keys and Missy Elliott! I use to look in the mirror when I was young and say: I’m going to be the next Alicia Keys. Missy Elliott is a legend and she is an amazing entertainer. Missy can do it all!

- I agree. These two have done plenty for the culture and have gained the love of many. Keeping all this in consideration, what separates you, Mylezia King, from the rest of the competition?


I’m not in a competition. My focus is building my brand. My machine is small but they see me coming.

- *Smiles* Great answer. Do what you love and let the rest build. Tell us, what’s next? Any other projects from Mylezia? If so, when can the fans expect that to hit the waves?


I’m releasing my first EP next month. “King Like A Queen” and I have a Single “On Purpose” on mainstream radio now.

- Awesome. I see “On Purpose” and “More” getting mad attention. What other accomplishments Team Mylezia is proud of and why?


I have opened up for K Michelle, Mack Wilds, Silento and my music has made it to Iheart , CBS Radio and Radio One but more importantly I am meeting people from all over the world. When you pull the reports on who is buying my music 75% is from other countries! That means more to me. To know that people from countries that may speak other languages appreciate my music…is dope!

Those are awesome credits. Congrats! Lets talk music-making-process?


I love to write. I am the only child so I spend a lot of time alone. My favorite things to do are writing, running and hanging with my family. How do you go about creating music. I write alone and I have a writing team. I can write anywhere. Now when I’m recording my music…it’s a must the booth lights must be off. Dark Room? Party ambience? No party. I’m all business.

- Even when we fail to notice, we inspire somebody. What advice would you give other aspiring artists trying to come up in this harsh industry?


It’s hard to give advice when you are in the learning process. Follow your dream and be involved in ALL decision matters. Never let anyone make you feel that they are running your empire. My mother reminds everyone…They work for me (including mom). She empowers me to make decisions. Don’t be intimidated by people that state they have been in this industry for years. You have to know that this is apart of your purpose and build a strong team on a firm foundation. Last but more importantly, Pray….Pray…Pray because man give you opportunities but God opens the doors.

- Mylezia, that’s great advice. We appreciate your time and kindness and wish you nothing but positive energy. Keep pushing.

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