This art form is not just recreational! It's communicative! - PHENOM

This art form is not just recreational! It's communicative!

Today we chop it up with Hip Hop artist, PHENOM! We heard his single, HIEST and said WORD! His energy is crazy, his content is real and his flow is flame. We definitely rocking with the boii. Check out this quick interview PHENOM.

- Big ups to you family. Welcome back to Hip-Hop’s leading Indie-Hotspot, #HipHopEverything. Tell everybody where you from and what you repping!

[PHENOM] Peace and Blessings Hip Hop Everything! I'm repping from the bloody blocks of the Chi. This is where Dreams barely come true, you barely have enough to survive, where you may not make it home tonight! The windy! The place where the music is just as hard as our life is! Where the talent leaks from every corner and at the same time, barren of opportunity to express that talent! My City! My State, Drilla-Noise! - That’s that energy I’m talking about. Man, lets talk about your record titled “Heist”. It’s getting major attention brother. How does it feel to see the fruits of hard labor pay off? [PHENOM]

It feels GODLY! I still have to watch my back tho to see who watchin me close and wanna do the most! People get robbed of their dignity, respect, possessions, and their lives out here! I came in the game hoodied and masked up! It feels like the train turned on but it's not moving at the speed that I can be satisfied with! I'll prolly feel something when I see real results of the hop blessing the people in this city at a high level!

- I respect that. Plenty of artists fail to be true to themselves and set goals. I’ve seen an interview and I heard you mention how you do it more for the art form of Hip Hop itself! Break that down for us. Let the fans know what motivates PHENOM.

[PHENOM] What motivates Phenom is when I talk to GOD through the music and get results! Sometimes I encounter obstacles or people who are in the position to block me and I just communicate with THE CREATOR and things change! This art form is not just recreational! It's communicative! It's powerful! It's life shaping on all ends! Some rappers are unaware that they carry these spirits, positive and negative, then it in-turn makes them think they are the ones making the world love them when it's the spirits that are with them! Then, when a rapper heals or changes their ways, the world leaves them for the new carrier of the spirits! The art form changes the human into a GOD-like figure! Almost over night! I love that! That's the honorable back door to the kiss-ass intern, flunkie, graduate with degrees and then maybe get a chance to get a good job, ways of this current system! HipHop is the transporter to another Universe! Instantly. - I’m really feeling your mind set and perspectives PHENOM. You said and I quote, “Its not just recreational, its communicative” I like that. Lets talk about, “I didn’t come, I was sent”. What’s that all bout?

[PHENOM] I whole-heartedly understand that shyt don't move when I say so all the time! I wanted to be at a certain point in my career by now, have stopped violence to a point in my city and cleansed the culture of capitalist and vultures! However, things are the way they are! I know that when I rock a show, teach a class, learn a leasson, it was truly meant! I quit rhyming a buncha times but it kept coming outta me! Sort of like a retired fireman. When there's a fire near, damnit he's gonna want to put it out! My fire happens to go through the microphone. I was made for this! It is through somebody hearing and liking my music that people are even getting to read my words right now! That means it's time!! I was sent to do exactly what your're about to see me do!

- Dope! How did this journey into Hip Hop start? Who’s your major influencer? Let us know how, what and where did it all start for you as an independent Hip Hop artist.


See It tells my whole jam! - What separates you PHENOM from the rest of the competition? [PHENOM]

What separates me from the competition is that I am not threatened! I was bred in the same place where the Atom Bomb was created! Planet Jordan, Oprah, Payton, Larry Hoover, Jeff Fort, Willie Lloyd, Al Cappone, Bishop Arch Diocese, Operation Push Head Quarters, Black Panther Party/POCC Headquarters, Nation of Islam Head quarters, Obama Head Quarters, The Most Murderous Police Department in America! CHICAGO!!! What you think that makes me?! - That mindset makes you a threat to the opposition. How does PHENOM make music? You like writing solo? Party vibe? Tell us how you come up with your content?


Classified!!!!!!!! - LOL. Fair enough. Any advice you would want to share with other aspiring artists trying to come up in the Rap game?


Yes! There is no you without THE CREATOR! Don't worry about trying to blow up in a hurry! That's where dream stealers make bad deals with you and your team to help you blow quicker! Know this, The quicker you make the deal, the quicker you are removed from real people! Real Talk!!!

Ill shout out to PHENOM. He came through, dropped facts so show love. Social media handles below.


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