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Today we chop it up with Massachusetts own, Showcase. This artist has made a name for himself by dope raps and hard work ethic. We’ve had our eye on him for quite some time and have witness the growth and consistency of this artist as he continues to push his music.

- Showcase, Welcome to Hip Hop Everything. Confirm with us where you from and what you reppin!


I’m from Springfield, Massachusetts and I represent myself, Showcase as an independent artist but my loyalty is devoted to Real Wealthy Family and Flow Music Recordzz which have ridden with me from the start till the wheels fall off.

- That’s Wassup. Tell us, how’s life like for and independent artist out in MurdaMass? You doing this 24/7? What’s the schedule like for Showcase?


It’s a process. There's a lot of talented artists representing Massachusetts and everybody's trying to find their place in this industry. In due time I believe the experience gained from chasing your dream will guide everyone in the right direction. I’m currently trying to do the music thing 24/7 as I work my brand enough to be a 24/7 thing and my schedule is crazy. I’m like a chicken with my head cut off but somebody got to bake the muffins.

- I hear that loud and clear. That said, I see you continue to put out music at a rapid pace. We heard the “Heroin Epidemic”, Respect the Drill & I Ride for My City. What’s next brother?


Visuals, more music and I gave y'all "Heroin Epidemic" as a first mixtape so its only right I give y'all "The Re-Up" next. That's currently in progress and so far, I out did my first mixtape.. "Respect The Drill" and "I Ride For My City" are tracks that are going to be in "The Re-Up" mixtape and those are just teasers of what you can expect out of this next tape.

- Ok Ok. Looking forward to “The Re-Up”. Talk about the block. I see you know some people that know some people. Your name keep being brought up to me on that word of mouth tip. What you doing out there to stay relevant “at home”? Tell me that.


I’m just a humble guy from the streets. I like to keep good relationships with people and keep everybody pushing their own dreams till they're accomplished. I was always told lead by example so I’m not going to stop till they throw dirt over my casket.

- Being humble definitely goes a long way brother. Stay motivating others; it’ll pay off in the long run. Tell us who’s your major influencer? What got you started on this Hip-Hop tip?


My brothers have a high influence on me and what got me started with the music thing was being around it so much while growing up. In my times as a kid, when Big Pun dropped his Capital Punishment album we would be in front of the corner store listening to it from a boom box or my brother Frank Cheeba used to be what Pandora is now lol. Request anything you want to hear and he'll start spitting.

- LOL. Bet. Pun made a huge impact to me as well. What motivates you TODAY to continue to push? Is it Family, fans, passion? Talk to us


My daughter and my mother motivate me to push. Years of constant struggle in these streets motivates me to push. The constant feedback from my lovely supporters motivates me to push. I can't find a reason why not to keep pushing and right now I find myself knee deep into what I’m doing that it would be highly stupid of me to stop now.

- Facts. A lot of artists quit when thing get tight. You keep putting out good music brother. What’s Showcase creative process? You like writing solo? Party vibe? Tell us how you come up with your raps?


I usually walk back and forth and sound like I’m talking to myself while I’m bopping my head lol.. I refuse to be one sided in anything. I'm defined by my diversity and my work ethic can range from doing countless features to doing a whole album/mixtape solo.. We work around here lol.

- That’s the spirit brother. I appreciate you opening up and chopping it up with us. I’m sure your fans will enjoy reading this. That said, it’s been love brother. Anything you want to say before we out?


S/o to my family, Springfield Massachusetts, Franklin St., Real Wealthy Family, Flow Music Recordzz, ITZ DRACO, Hip Hop Everything, Dj Chizzle and everybody whose supporting me.



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