Reggae influenced artist, King Charlton chops it up with #HipHopEverything

We saw a dope dope video from Reggae influenced artist, King Charlton called “Money & Champagne” featuring Graph and had to chop it up with him. Enjoy the short questionnaire below and show love!

- Welcome brother. Tell us where you from, what you claim.

[King Charlton]

I’m originally from South Jamaica Queens N.Y; I've also lived in Florida and Connecticut. Now I’m back in N.Y. It’s really hard for me to claim or rep one set because I actually spent a large portion of my life in these places.

- No doubt! I myself got a diverse background myself, so I feel you. I know your talent extends to other fields, such as producing. You even won 1st place at one of the iStandard producers’ showcase. Talk about that experience.

[King Charlton]

When I was back in CT, I decided to step out of the studio with a few joints to see what kind of response I would get back from my work. I ended up getting 1st place. It felt like I won a grammy lol. I was so motivated, I went back to my studio and cooked up the Money and Champagne track.

- Speaking of “Money & Champagne” … We really vibing with it right now and the video has a dope plot to it. Your boy Graph did his thing too. How you feel about this record? Where was it shot? Where can the fans get it? Talk to us.

[King Charlton]

When we did Money and Champagne I never expected the visual concept to be what is now. When Grafh and I finished the record, a director, Frank Cunha heard it and said he wanted to shoot a video. He said if I agreed to letting him write the treatment, He would shoot it out of his own pocket. I was blown away to know this guy believed in the project so much that he was willing to direct this visual for free. We agreed to do it and three weeks later we stared shooting.

- OK!! S/o to Frank Cunha. Dope outcome. It’s obvious the Jamaican culture thrives in your music. The fusion you bring to the table is refreshing. Who influenced you the most and how did it all start for you musically?

[King Charlton]

As kid, I spent a lot of time in the basement with my uncle who was a DJ. I would listen and watch while he was spinning Hip Hop and Reggae. He introduced me to the art of rhythm and the sounds that would influence me to be who I am today. My mother thought I was going to be a DJ too but I wanted to make the records. We would do block parties all the time and to see how people reacted when the speaker box hit, I knew what I wanted to do.

- Awesome, I can see how the fusion works out. Besides Money & Champagne, we’ve also heard Perpetual Love, Angels & Love Triangle. What’s next for King Charlton? When can we hear more quality sounds with that Reggae vibe?

[King Charlton]

You can find my work on Itunes and SoundCloud. I am currently taking and working on a new project right now and will be releasing an arsenal of singles and collabs with my son Pharoah and my Team Bang Dope Gang family this year.

- How is it that King Charlton creates music? What’s the creative process like? You write solo? In the studio? Talk to us.

[King Charlton]

My creative process is very simple. I do whatever the beat tells me to do. For the most part I write alone but I’m opposed to working with other writers. I think its a thing to share and receive sometimes when it comes the process of creating. I like to vibe-out and bounce ideas back & forth with my team when we are together. My team is the village and it takes a village to raise a child. The child is the song.

- Dope. I love that last line. “My team is the village and it takes a village to raise a child. The childis the song.” – KingCharlton We appreciate you brother. Lets keep in touch, I want to hear more @KingCharlton music.



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