Congratulations YO$#!, Now an Official @A3CFestival Performer 2015.

Congratulations YO$#!, Now an Official @A3CFestival Performer 2015.

Hip Hop Everything takes pride in announcing YOSHI’s win. We’ve seen this artist work hard over past couple months and feel comfortable saying “He deserves it”. YOSHI has been taking advantage of the current momentum and is giving his fans new music and live performances back to back, setting himself up for the chain of current events, which landed him the WIN with the good peoples over @A3CFestival as an official performer for this years festival. A HUGE accomplishment for any indie artist.

Ever since he won our last FreeVerse Vote-Off competition, we’ve been working closely with this artist, providing support, motivation and assistance with his online presence and are proud to see this artist grow. Some of YOSHI’s recent accomplishments entail,

  • Features on #TheIndieTape and #ShowMeTheMoney18 Mixtapes, Hosted by @DjLumoney

  • Features on #GRINDRadioVOL1 Mixtape Hosted by DjCHIZZLE

  • Released his hit single “It’s a Go” on major digital audio stores.

  • Dropped a record for the James Bond fans.


On top of that, he’s teaming up with #HipHopEverything in the attempt to create an indie compilation catering to independent artists in Atlanta, GA. We’re calling this Mixtape, ATLANTA ZOO. That said, keep an eye out for YO$#! as this is just the beginning of many accomplishments and smart moves to come.



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