ITZ KING LU chops it up with #HipHopEverything

Today we chop it up Hip Hop Artist KING LU. Welcome to HipHop’s #Indie-Hotspot. Re-introduce yourself and tell everybody where you from brother.


It’s king lu let me do what I do, reppin New Jersey. 908 stand up

- New Jersey in the building. It seems as you taking the movement seriously. We see a constant track record. You doing Hip Hop fulltime? How does King Lu balance Music and everyday life?


I appreciate that you guys been paying attention and a big shout out to the whole Hip Hop Everything family. You guys were the first blog to show me love and I will forever appreciate that. Consistency is the key, I’m just working baby trying to introduce people to the movement (Y.M.G). You can say I do Hip Hop full time if I’m at work I’m writing music, if I’m not working I’m in the studio constantly just cooking up! Music’s my life. The way I look at it is just the way that I’m living so it’s not hard to balance out something out that I’m Constantly doing.

- Spoken like a true champion and the pleasure is ours. How did it all start for you? When did you realize that you were to become a Hip Hop artist and who influenced such decisions? Was it a celebrity, a family member? The struggle? Talk to us.


This is probably my favorite question. It all started when I was younger I used to break into my oldest sister’s room just to steal her albums and I got my hands on “Ready To Die” I did not who Big was at the time but the moment I heard that CD I fell in love with HipHop. Shortly after that I got introduced to Nas’s illmatic and mannn the rest is history. The moment I finished that album I knew this is what I wanted to do!

My old sister has been a crazy influence and my number one supporter. She told me if I’m a do it, be serious about it and don’t stop Lu but my biggest influence and the man who really molded me in to the artist I am today is B.HAZ. Major shout out to him because without his guidance only God knows where I’d be and the struggle of course is a big motivation for any artist. Shit, that’s where most of the creativity comes from at least for me

- Big Up to Nas and RIP to BIG. Great culture pioneers. Lets talk KING LU music. What single you pushing today and what can the fans expect in the near future? Any new projects on the schedule?


Yeah lets talking music baby. I’m here promoting “THEY DON’T” featuring B.Haz. You can download it now at It’s a crazy record. I hope ya fucking with it. You know I got a lot of things planned for the future, we got the video coming out real soon and I’m going to shoot that in about a week! I got the “KL” EP dropping soon. I pushed back so I can take my time to give you something epic. I got a joint project coming soon with B.Haz called “Harlem Garden” its going to be crazy. I got another solo project coming out called Kill “Yaself”. That’s my baby right there, can’t wait to share that with you! Just stay on the lookout, I got plans to flood the streets baby!

- Who do you sound like? Talk about your sound! If you had to describe you style, how would you do that?


I sound like me I try to be myself and everything I do be you it’s beautiful J. Cole said it best and it’s hard to describe my sound cuz I’m not just trying to go with just one sound. Versatility is the key. I’m trying to be able to touch all different kind of aspects of music and sounds, so I guess if I had to describe it I would say it’s versatile

- That’s Wassup. I see your perspective. Want to talk about creativity? What’s your music-making-process? Tell us how King Lu comes up with the melodies?


The music making process. It’s a lot a lot of me going through beats. I’m extremely picky when it comes to production. I need every sound to be on point and depending on the feeling, the mood I’m in, how I feel that day, what subject I want to touch up on and who I want to talk to. Music’s a feeling so it all depends on that at the end of the day

- Awesome. I like that answer. Where can the fans find you brother?


Everyone can follow me on Twitter & Instagram and youtube @itzkinglu to keep themselves in tune with all the new music and events I got coming up and also don’t forget to log on to the and check out all the other joints I released off the EP and last but not least I also wanna give a major shoutout to my Y.M.G family Rio jfly Diablo and b.haz without them pushing the music and supporting me there would be no lu!

There you go Hip Hop Heads. You heard it from Lu himself. Feel free to check him out and show love!





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