@PremoDaMover talks "STREET SCIENCE EP" with #HipHopEverything. Dope Read!

Today we chopping it up with one of Harlem’s favorites. We talking about PREMO, also referred to as @PremoDaMover. This underground HipHop artist is nonstop working. I’m talking about constant performances, new EP on the come up, blog features and making appearances on magazines like “Colorful Money” & Stevie J’s own “SG Magazine”. That said, the anticipation is crazy and we decided to ask PREMO some questions.

- Welcome brother. Do everybody a solid and re-introduce yourself properly!


Yea u know what it is it’s ya boy, that Harlem Eastgod Premo from NYC repping that LexMove/SMG umbrella that's slowly taking the streets over of the Tristate from my state to yo state.

The movement is crazy PREMO. Lets get right to it. Elaborate on this project you got everybody talking about. What can the fans expect? When does it drop? What are the goals and/or motives behind this project and why the name Street Science?


With this project entitled Street Science my aim is to bring that real street feel back. Along with heavy lyrics, wordplay, stories, and barz yea with a Z to lol. I feel it's been missing! Everybody wanna sound like Meek, Future, and Migos yo and I'm talking alotta NY niggas. That I don't get cus carbon copies are hardly as successful as the original, for its been done and seen before.

Street Science is set for a September 21st release. This is a special day to me because it's my Lil brothers Bday who's no longer here, who I lost to suicide. This one for him. The name Street Science was chosen because simply put my shit street and I'm giving u the sweet science of rap in its purest form so I just combined the two and got Street Science

- I respect that. You got some heat on this project brother. We feeling that “Murder In The 1st Degree”. You also got other singles like “One Shot” and “Look who the shit now” that go equally as hard. Lets talk about these gems. Who produced them? Which single are you closely attached too, why? Tap into the important deets brother. Talk to us.


First single released off this campaign is my baby, Murder In The First produced by Tracks By The Pound ft Duxoh. This track is special because it's the first track I recorded for this project. This was like my first born. On this song I'm basically warning yall on this joint that I'm coming, it's my time, and I'm chopping heads off. If u in the way then 187 fool, murder in the first (chuckle). My hunger for this is deep this is my life my passion! Shout to the big bro Duxoh for killing that 3rd verse too.

Second baby off the project is called One Shot produced by Ric and Thaddeus. This song is important to me in a few ways. One it is motivational! In life, at certain things we only get one shot. So take it. U never know outcome but at least there was effort. Second I'm talking real life of mom weeping, to butter and sugar sandwiches to holes in my soles. I'm giving u my life and motivating same time. Gotta love it!

Third baby off this project is Look Who The Shit Now produced by Kid Flash. This is a important song to me cus I'm stunting on everybody who ever shitted on me saying I would never make it, or to those who think rap isn't a serious job and said I'm wasting my time or I'm getting too old. FOH! Guess what I'm bout to blow bitches look who the shit now.

- Give us the PREMO origins. How did this start for you as an independent artist. Who influenced you the most, and how did you become this fearless, dedicated yet humble arteest?


The whole origins of Premo started for me right before Biggie died. Me and my Lex Move team (Bhi, Drom, and 5th Element) before we even had that name was bored on a bench one day and said fuck it let's go write some raps and see what we come up wit. We did and shit was epic. We all had talent for it to be our first raps. I had metaphors from jump street too. I never stopped since. Even when I ain't even want to rap shit always came to my head and I wasn't even searching. Indication telling u it’s meant to be.

I had many influences on the way. Biggie, Jay-z, Nas, Pac, and Jadakiss were the artists who got me open off hiphop. When they were on the radio I needed silence. God's were talking. (Smiles) I also had influences in my own hood that inspired me to do this like my man Giacana, Rob Dinero and Stable. These dudes help u get what u get now as well. They provided platforms, studios, production, engineering and knowledge of the game as they knew it. Truly blessed to know and build and learn off all of the people listed above because without them we wouldn't even be having this interview.

- We know you been on a promo tour and your next stop is VEGAS, in October, with @StableMusikGroup & @DkProductions50. Talk about that. What does that mean to PREMO? What’s the goal for the night and who else will be blessing the stage with you?


Oct 4 Vegas baby! Truly excited! Gonna be the first time in Vegas and imma be with the squad. It's big cus it shows we growing and expanding as a brand, an in no time we will be known outside of just NYC Tristate area. My boys Stable, Maserati Money, City Slick 1017, Nino Asb gone be killing wit me. We going to show our ass. Gonna def be a dope show.

- Premo, its been love. We wish you nothing but the best. Before we part, let everybody know where they can find you and your music online.






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