Watch Out for Drag-On. He giving you that work. SEE WHY! @IamDrag_On #HoodEnvironment #HipHopEveryth

Our respect goes out to Drag On, who is ULTRA ACTIVE out there. If it aint a new single, it’s a mixtape or new freestyle video and its ALL street certified. Those underestimating his rapid progress will be the 1st ones surprised. Not Sure who Drag-On is? He is a respected Hip Hop recording artist and actor from the Bronx who now runs his own label Hood Environment Records and is on the hunt for what’s his. If you ever heard of the Ruff Ryders then you heard of Drag-On. Besides his own album “The Opposite Of H2O” you’ve also heard him on dope features with EVE, DMX & Big Pun amongst others.

We wanted to take the time out to point out his latest mixtape, Hood Environment, Hosted by @IAmDJBALL available everywhere, and his entertaining freestyle video series that are catching the web by storm. We leave you with the latest 3 freestyle videos. Enjoy and drop a comment below.

Download Drag-On: Hood Environment

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