Hip Hop Everything Chops it up with @CEODOLLA #ArtistInterview

​Hip Hop Everything chops it up with CEODolla, an independent artist who steps out from being behind the scenes, to becoming the scene himself. With impressive credits and new music, CEO is confident that his sound will speak for itself.

- Wattup CEODolla, Welcome to 2015’s #Indie-Hotspot. Introduce yourself real quick and let them know where you from and what you do.


OK! It's ya boy CEODOLLA, Rapper/Premiere Clothing Designer at @bccx1983 (black ceo clothing) I'm from NY! Harlem for the most part, born in brooklyn's Fort Greene Projects, I always knew we didn't have enough, so I told my grandmama I would buy her a house at 4 yrs old. Moved to Harlem, different part of NY, looks different, but still low poverty level and high crime in the 90's.

I like Jay-Z, he had that song "this can't be life" living on Manhattan Ave in Harlem I just wanted to be fresh and fly and tuff , but I didn't wanna go to jail like my whole family was doing. I thought, man it gotta be another way, "This can't be life" … from then I believed its gonna happen. I just feel good about my music situation right now. I'm touring through the east coast and I'm releasing good music via Tidal and soundcloud + more. They Love my #FLO from music clothing lifestyle and stage performance. I'm just trying show out for my fans at each and every performance. My plan is too give you New York, just to show you I'm real NY and then I will show you that I'm naturally versatile, I'm gonna play with auto-tune and more. Stay Tuned.

- Lets talk new music. You currently working on any projects? If so, where can the fans find these projects online?


All my music is available on soundcloud except a few tracks, which are exclusive via TIDAL ITUNES APPLE music, Spotify, Google Play and anywhere music is sold online . I'm releasing "Hardcore" Nov11th 11/11. I want to keep my fans Good! I'm performing more and more lately so I'm dropping new music just to show my appreciation and let my people know I'm working.

"HardCore" will be on iTunes but I'm also dropping an exclusive here with you entitled "Henney In Da Mornin" featuring GrayFire from #CEODOLLAndFRIENDs concert tour 2015. I'm working with king mills another artist just added to my tour, I just dropped on his track "KingPin" #Mean he got a bobby shmurda kinda swag and I like that track so stay tuned for that too. Find these projects here: Www.soundcloud.com/CeoDolla OK (feat. Grayfire) - Single by Ceodolla


- Is “OK” the single CEODolla is pushing today? If so, what’s the story behind the record?


Yes. I'm pushing "OK". I have must available but when I perform live, people really enjoy this record , the energy ? I don't know they like my whole #FLO so yeah "OK". I have a few records that mean a lot to me like "HardCore" and "Boom Bap" which is available on soundcloud now. "hardcore" brings up things that really happened the way I said it happened kinda and Boom Bap , the people want that right now as an artist I had to give'em that UGH!

- Ok CEO, give us the real deets. How did this journey into Hip Hop start? Let us know how, what and where did it all start for you as an independent Hip Hop artist.


It all started in church honestly, my grandma had us in church since birth, and I played the drums on they off days .I always like instruments, beats, music, performing in front of an audience . I even wanted to perform a solo or lead but I couldn't sing #HitsBlunt I just like to be the one with the mic #FLO , you know . From there I watched star search and watched music videos of Dnice , Epmd, Micheal Jackson, the box , onyx, humpdy dumpty, big daddy Kane, Busta ryhmes , Mase, Jayz, and when I moved to Harlem, I don't remember when I started writing raps but I was in 5th-6th grade.

I started a rap group with a childhood friend, we almost got signed to a major a few times but never went through. We several music mangers and we traveled it was fun. Most notably I met "BU" Akons little brother, he was in Harlem one day with "Lil Zane" and people were buzzing about me and Rex. So he introduced himself, and we spit a few 16's . After that it was history, I went on to write songs for a few artist out of Atlanta with "BU", met Akon , around the time he dropped "Belly Dancer" way before he dropped "Locked Up" with styles .We was chillin at Upfront Ent in the A. I'm actually in that video , that's family and DEVYNE Stephens, I worked on a few music projects with DEVYNE in the A as a youngin.

I saw BU move around the A like Diddy before the deal, see BU always had big artist, he had already been road manager for 8ball MJG and such so in his city . The A. we were everywhere, peaches and cream video set, coolin, to in the club when BMF was out, I actually met the BMF camp at the Akon and young jeezy video shoot in brooklyn. I went to college for music business, after seeing so much I still didn't understand, that was my lost, when you not available you miss out. Now I'm back. I have good relationships in music, I always keep it #100 and put in work for my camp . People don't forget good people. I had alotta support outta NY, in the beginning with shaheem Golden Boy ent. outta queens and Konkrete Music and Money Ave with Uncle Charley and Producer Ron Browz, Browz laced me with the tracks and Uncle Charlie took us on tour , studio etc. I just performed recently , uncle Charlie invited me down to perform at Chris Gotti's AddVentures Music Showcase . They had a few labels A&Rs giving great feedback , they enjoyed my tracks, the feedback gave a some extra momentum so shoutout to them.

- You been around brother. What’s your music-making-process? Writing solo? A little drink in hand? Pen & pad or iPhone notes? Tell us what inspires CEODolla to make music.


My music making process? I rolled a few fat Extendos Spliterillos blunts and just look for a beat. I want my music to incorporate some conscience shit too *HitsBlunt* that's why I added an aka BlackCEO. The balance is what makes CeoDolla aka Black Ceo aka ThePUFFYsmoker, I've always looked up to Diddy just for being a boss but honestly for being cool. But Diddy don't smoke weed like I do so I'm #thePUFFYsmoker . I write with iPhone but lately I've been even more original I've been writing down lyrics , see Jay-Z had everybody not writing lyrics just writing in your head , I did that for awhile . #ExhaleGood yea, I co-wrote EDM tracks , r&b , soul, and more .

I really have an ear for music, it's a feeling and I feel it, and before I know it the hook is already there, then a verse and that's how I know, it's good. I learn to have value in my own subject matter instead following the latest subject. I think music should be fun, informative too, but mostly fun that's why I always like Busta Ryhmes he always have fun when he record. I don't really drink I get drunk too fast but I will drink, What mostly inspires me now , is me , I really like the music I'm creating and the response I've receiving from my friends , fans , bloggers etc. I want you to be proud of me so I wanna make better music every time, so you can say you love it. It's all for the love.

- Great man, lets end this on a positive note! Even when we fail to notice, we inspire somebody. What advice would you give other aspiring artists trying to come up in the Rap game?


Artist coming up in the rap game, my advice is so what you want, you never know what gonna work . #RoLLUP Come to my show, let's go live!

- There you have it, S/o to CEODolla. Check out his music and show love





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