ATL Cypher Winning Indie Artist @IAmJ_Alston Talks with #HipHopEverything

Today we chop it up with indie artist J Alston. The Cypher winner from one of our sponsored events over in Atlanta with YO$#! Crew Entertainment! We’ll get right to it:

Welcome to Hip Hop’s #IndieHotspot. Congrats on the WIN. I heard you handled the cypher quite nicely. Introduce yourself brother. Where you from and what you repping?

[J Alston]

I’m from Cameron, NC. 910/919 (Free Air Free Water)

- Ok J Alston, what is the product of priority? Which record are you promoting RIGHT NOW? Who produced it, and where can the fans find it?

[J Alston]

My single right now is OSWL. It was produced by Marz P (@themarzp). Its available for listening on soundcloud (, and will be available for download on my website,

- Awesome. Tell me this, who you make music for? The stoners, the streets or the conscious type? In your opinion, who would really enjoy your sound and music?

[J Alston]

I wouldn’t say I make music for anyone specific. Music is an art form just like anything else. I make music to express myself. My music is a view of my perception of reality. So the fact that people liked my music is a well accepted bonus.

- I love that answer. Music is definitely art. That’s said, what can we expect from J Alston in the near future? Videos? Features? Projects? Talk to us.

[J Alston]

More dope music. The video for OSWL will be coming out soon. I’ll be dropping a project, entitled “Free” early this winter. (Nah, that was an exclusive. First media outlet to hear this) Look for that. I’m really out here on my indie grind. Look for me. I’ll be in Charlotte and Athens in November, and Birmingham is coming soon. We update the website regularly, all my events go up there. (

- Ayyeee Look out for “Free”, you heard it 1st on #HHE. Ok, who got you hooked into Hip Hop? Influence wise. Let everybody know got you started as a Hip Hop artist.

[J Alston]

I would have to say my brothers, at least when it came to Hip Hop. They were always playing the new hits and even some stuff that was a little less known. But on the other side, I lived in a house where my mom always listened to gospel and my dad bumped funk and soul all day. That’s where I started!

- S/o to Pops and Mom dukes. Your music-making process…You like writing solo? A little herbal life? Cup full of Ciroc? Tell us how you come up with content?

[J Alston]

Its really a mixture of it all, minus the liquor … I usually start off with a little free air… I typically start with a melody and some freestyling. Making a song is like setting a fire, it just burns.

​- Awesome, there you have it! Big ups to J Alston. Follow him on social media and show love!

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