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Big ups to Taoz. Welcome to Hip Hop Everything, Introduce yourself brother. Tell everybody where from and what you repping?

[Taoz Dha Boss]

Whats Gucci everybody its ya boi Taoz Dha Boss an Im from CrimeSide Jamaica Queens & Repping Street Soldiers Empire.

- Jamaica Queens stand up! Taoz, what’s the record of priority? What single are you pushing to the public today? Who produced it and what was the inspiration behind it?

[Taoz Dha Boss]

For Right Now, till my Hit Single “FWM” Drops which is produced by Preszi… I’m Pushing My New Record “Gossip” Produced by Attic Stein. The inspiration behind gossip is the discouragement & hate I receive daily because of my achievements during my time making music.

Well, we got you with Gossip and look forward for FWM. Tell me this tho, what separates Taoz from the rest of hoard of artists that the industry finds itself oversaturated with?

[Taoz Dha Boss]

What Seperates me from the rest of these artist is my knowledge, my experience, my pain & my story. It will never be another Taoz Dha Boss!

Who’s your major influencer? What, when and where did it all start for you as an independent artist?

[Taoz Dha Boss]

My Major influence would have to be Max B because around the time I really started putting out a lot of music I was listening to max b songs & videos lol. It always made me want to make great music.

I’m not mad at that. Lets talk about your creative process! How do you come up music overall? How does Taoz create art today? Go!

[Taoz Dha Boss]

I dont really have a process lol I would say its more or less I find inspiration doing the most simplest things like a smile from a pretty women, buildings, Museums, Cars, & Tv.

Lol. Bet. So it’s a natural thing to you. Any advice for other up-and-coming artists that really take this serious?

[Taoz Dha Boss]

My Advice to other up n coming artist would be keep a positive circle full of level headed, honest people & make sure everything you do is self-made. You’ll be happier making it big on your own terms.

Awesome advice brother. We appreciate your time! Everybody else reading along, feel free link up with Taoz Dha Boss. Social media handles below!

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