Hip Hop Everything chops it up with Marty Martian McFly (@MartianMcfly88) Dope Read!

Today we talk with Hip Hop artist Martian McFly. We heard his single MOOD Prod. Cam Got Hits and knew the kid is popping! We decided to ask a couple questions, see what he had to say below.

Welcome to Hip Hop Everything, Introduce yourself brother. Tell everybody where from and what you repping?


Okay what’s boppin y’all? Marty Martian Mcfly aka Swanker F. aka Nightkrawlaa aka Kobe fresh out of high school here. Straight from the Bay aura right now in Tampa man, just doing it.

Ok. Gun State in the house! Lets get straight to it, what’s the record of priority? What single is being pushed to the public today? Tell us who produced it and where can the fans find it?


Uhm well right now I just released a new track, called “MOOD” produced by my mans CamGotHits, big shouts out to him, and everything but yeah, that’s on my soundcloud, y’all follow me.

So MOOD it is, we riding with that one. With what record you relate with the most though, why?


Aw man, right now? I’d have to say “Mirages”. It’s like so much deeper than what I think the people have grasped from it so far. I actually dropped a slowed version of it on my soundcloud, before the original. I haven’t released that yet.

Lets talk about your creative process! How do you come up with music? How does Martian McFly create art today? Go!


Well initially I’d write in complete solitude. Just words from head and how I’m feeling you know? From my aura; Sometimes it takes me days to pick and choose exactly what I want to say in a piece but through it all though, I have to be completely satisfied with what I’ve created before releasing anything.

That’s very important. One of the most common fails artists experience is RUSSHING! But tell us, what separates you from the rest of the competition?


I’m from the future man (laughs) no, but seriously, I feel like Hip Hop music nowadays specifically is real repetitive. It’s not it’s fault though because everything’s a cycle you know? People, are going to sample, copy and steal from music before them forever, but I think what separates me from the rest is that I understand that already and that I’m already working to invent new you know? I work solely on my energy and how I feel, no matter the pocket of time I dip into, I work to express how I vibrate through the music. I let me aura decide what’s right, If I need to write music my being will let me know, if I don’t, then I don’t.

I like that. You talking about vibrations and energy, I’m with you on that. Any advice for other up-and-coming artists that really take this serious?


Practice man, nobody blew up on a 1 hit wonder over night, I guarantee you that. The publicity makes it seem like it but I’m 100 percent, they’ve got some music buried somewhere but yeah, like I said if you really want it, practice.

Also, I just want to thank everybody for the opportunity out here an Hip Hop everything for having me. Be sure to peep my teams mixtape “It’s getting late” coming out December 24th. Follow me on twitter @martianmcfly88, IG @martian_mcfly, add me on Snapchat an all that (Offswank) Peace, and love to y’all feel me? Martain out.





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