Special Delivery's own G-Dep finds unconditional support in fiancee Hustle Bunny

Hip Hop Everything shines light on G-Dep and Hustle Bunny’s engagement, and a movement that can help possibly reduce G-Deps sentence as well. For those of you may have forgotten, G-Dep is a former Bad Boy artist, from Harlem and the MC behind SPECIAL DELIVERY. G-Dep turned himself in 2010 confessing to a murder that took place in Queens, 1993. Before you go judging, think about the will to do right and the courage it takes to accept responsibility for such behavior. He now counts with the support of his fiancée, Laticia Sanchez aka Hustle Bunny who will keep HHE informed on the overall status. Stay tuned and find out out how you can help. Congrats to Hustle Bunny & G Dep!!!

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