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Today we chop it up with Hip Hop artist J Will. You heard him here before with his successful single, “1Time” and now he’s back with another one for the fans called “Take Ya Bitch” featuring Sauce Walka, a catchy tune sure to immediately catch your attention. Lets get straight to it

J Will, welcome back to our #Indie-Hotspot. Before we get in to this music, Introduce yourself, where you from and what you reppin?

[J Will]

What's Good!!! J Will KeepItPlaya, Mr. Make something outta nothing lol, coming straight from Houston Texas, home of the playas and pimps… Mo City to be exact. Everybody forget to say the KeepItPlaya but that's what I do, that's how I live, that's just who I made myself to be, a young playa in the game.

Watch out now! Lol… KeepItPlaya got new music on deck. Lets talk about that. What’s the inspiration for “Take Ya Bitch”, who produced it and how you know Sauce Walka? Talk to me.

[J Will]

New music is definitely getting made ALL of the time. Everything motivates me in different ways. My new track "Take Ya Bitch" just came from me linking up with the homie Sauce in the studio. He was drippin on his pimpin shit and I was on my playa shit and at the end of the day we both felt like we can take a couple of niggas bitches off this one lol. We actually went to the same high school and he was close to some of my day 1 potnas so we knew who each other was. Jrag2x is the man behind the beat and is one of the homies also from the hood and when he found out I was rappin he cooked up something for me and Walk to hop on.

S/o to Sauce Walka! Man, tell us how did this journey into Hip Hop start? Who’s your major influencer? How, what and where did it all start for you as an independent Hip Hop artist.

[J Will]

I always been into music, I know it seems like every up and coming rapper says that but with me that's what it really is. My dad influenced me, used to produce for a couple of cats when I was young and everything he learned, he put me on. I was young so I really didn't go as hard at it as I should have, but once he passed and real life started taking its toll on me I started venting through my music, really to keep sane and put myself in the mood that I want to be in.

That's why you get a lil mix of everything when you jam me. I go through my different emotions, I’m human of course, I’m playa with it, but still human. Right now its all fun, honestly. I had nothing, started with some old equipment from my pops and ended up working with the hottest producers and artists in the H all thanks to my KeepItPlaya team, Bluprint Records and hard work.

That’s deep. Music is the best therapy! Any projects in the works today that we should look out for in the near future?

[J Will]

Lets Be Great, my debut project, dropping 2nd week in January. Finally lol. I'm just about to start the year GREAT. Ima take off with the music and dope visuals, the fundamentals of the game, but what's gone give me that clout is the movement it’s gone create. This gone motivate a different type of mind, give you that young playa trying to come up vibe, show you how you can just say fuck it and live yo life but at the same time its a alternative to what other successful people might be doing. You might not fully see it yet because this just the beginning but watch, ima end up working with everybody everywhere in different ways and it gone be live. I Want it all!!!

I respect that! What’s your music-making-process? You like writing solo? A little drink in hand?

[J Will]

Really it just comes anywhere, anytime I be surprised myself. I'm an artist and by that I mean I put my whole self in my craft, I get inspired and just let it out. Different songs need different environments, different zones but at the same time I'm able to put myself in that zone and write. If I could I would sit in my car, hot box, pour a cup and have something lined up for after lol and I bet every song would come out jamming. But I do get deep in some songs so that wouldn't always be the case so it really just depends on me and my zone.

Awesome. We appreciate you sharing the love with Hip Hop Everything brother. Before we go, any advice for other independent artists just now getting their feet wet?

[J Will]

DONT QUIT and try not to stop even for a lil bit. Pay attention to the game, you not gone figure it out, but be aware. Get ready to be broke, completely broke, and have everybody judging you at all times even when you not trying to be a "rapper". Nothing gone come easy or FREE and just cause you fuck with someone its still a business and about money. But they gone see what I’m talking about in they own way. Mine different. BE YOU

There ya have it. Some real knowledge. Check him out and show love!




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