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Today we talk with young and popular Hip Hop artist Justus Oldsport. This young MC was brought to our attention so we decided to ask him a couple questions, see what he had to say below. Welcome to Hip Hop Everything, Introduce yourself brother. Quickly tell everybody where from and what you repping?

[Justus Oldsport]

I hail from Tucson, Arizona and represent the 51st Regiment (a group consisting of Dooby Jenkins, Elijah Kilo, DJ RoK and myself along with many other affiliates).

That’s Wassup. S/o to Dooby and Kilo! Tell us, what single is Team Justus pushing to the public today? Tell us who produced it and where can the fans find it?

[Justus Oldsport]

The joint is “Elaborate Entrances” off of my latest mixtape “And So, iiit Began.” The record was produced by the Smoke Doctor a.k.a Producer Trent Taylor. The song is available both through soundcloud and datpiff, a music video is on the way in the future as well.

Awesome. “Elaborate Entrances” is now playing on HHE Radio. Lets talk about who’s your major influencer? What, when and where did it all start for you as an independent artist?

[Justus Oldsport]

I had always admired rap, jazz, and rnb music even since before I could walk, and knew it was my purpose to serve here on our planet. It wasn’t however until I met Elijah Kilo, Dooby Jenkins, and DJ RoK last year that my music began to truly develop into what it is now.

Music wise, what can the fans expect in the near future? Any projects on the chopping block? If so, when can the fans expect that to hit the waves?

[Justus Oldsport]

I’m currently working on 4 secretive full-length mixtapes that I can’t divulge much about. One is fully produced by myself, one is fully produced by Producer Trent Taylor, one is featuring big names in the industry including Future, 2 Chainz, Rich Homie Quan, and Kenny Turnup. All of the projects are to be released this year.

You heard it on HHE 1st! Justus, be sure to bring those project to our attention when out. We would love to see more of you. If you had the chance to pick someone to do a record with, who would that be and why?

[Justus Oldsport]

God. Period. If I got a feature from God I could proceed to get any feature I covet whether it be Kendrick Lamar, Gwen Stefani, Alicia Keys, A$AP Rocky, or ISIS agents.

Much respect on that! Lets talk about your creative process. How does Justus create music? What is the perfect set up for inspiration?

[Justus Oldsport]

There is no such thing to me as a set ideal place of balance to evoke creativity. I chronically think of lines and can’t go more than 20 minutes without writing regardless of my location or intoxication. Blunts and Newports do help however,

Lol at “Blunts and Newports do help however” … Besides that, what else motives Justus Oldsport to not give up and keep pushing?

[Justus Oldsport]

My love of music and its influence, my brothers, and the fact that I haven’t put my mom in a mansion yet.

There you have it ladies and gentleman. Be sure to check out Justus Oldsport, social links below.




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