[New Music Alert] 4th on July - YOSHI x CHINAMAN

YO$#! & CHINAMAN saw another holiday approaching and they got busy! Today we introduce you to "4th on July”... This 4-track-gift is ready to turn up the vibes on this Indie-pendence day! This project features the smash-hit-to-be, “Johnny Bravo” by YO$#! x CHINAMAN featuring Ni66a Norris! Press play and get involved!






1. Cash Right - Yoshi x ChinaMan Hustle

2. Shake Junt - Yoshi x ChinaMan Hustle ft. Dreak B

3. Johnny Bravo - Yoshi x ChinaMan Hustle ft. Ni66a Norris

4. Dont Care - Yoshi x ChinaMan Hustle

5. (BONUS) Shaq and Kobe - Yoshi x ChinaMan Hustle

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