Party With The Best at The UnderFest #UnderFest17

Underground Fest 2017

Saturday, April 1st will be the first time Aprils Fools is NO Joke. In the attempt to keep Hip Hop culture alive and shine light on tomorrow's urban superstars, HHE & FabLane has teamed for the Turn-up!

Hip Hop heads, industry brands, and independent artists are welcome. This one is for you! Come shake hands, network, pass out merchandise, showcase your craft and turn up while we catch it all on camera.

#UnderFest17 will be hosted by none other than recently-gone-viral Grey (@OfficialGreyMusic) with special guest, The Promo Vatican (@RapJuggernaut) from Team Bigga Rankin, Yule Nightlife app CEO Jonathan Richter and more. We also have Dj Dj (@1DjDj) from the greatest DJs so you know it's a movie. Pull up and turn up at @UnionEav.

Official UnderFest17 performers:

Food by @CelebrityChefMaurice:

  • Hip Hop Wings with chefs sauce

  • Italian french fries

  • Everything salmon with a pineapple mango chutney

  • Coco Portabella mushroom stirfry

  • Sweet potato fries

  • Jerk chicken sliders

  • Curry turkey wraps


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