[Trending Item] Damage Control: Podcast with DJ DAMAGE!! @DjDamageYTC

It's Litt! If you didn't know... you do now!! Damage Control; The Podcast with DJ Damage is quickly taking off and we are here to tell you why... It's entertaining, informative and a great addition to Hip Hop culture altogether.

DJ Damage has found another way to use his reach, and this time he's giving you a look behind the scenes of Hip Hop, answers to questions the streets been waiting on and insight to the lives of your some of your favorite artists, producers, A&Rs, entrepreneurs and more!

The 1st wave of interviews is a huge success as he chops it up with heavy hitters such as, Big Heff (Def Jam A&R), DJ Spinatik (Street Runnaz/Terror Squad), Breezy (Multi Platinum Producer), Amadeus (Multi Platinum Producer) and the list doesn't stop there!

If you claim you Hip Hop, then we encourage you to get quickly involved and help spread the vibes - all interviews found below. Please subscribe and share; Thanks in advance.

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