[New Music Alert] The Notorious Fuzz by @ItsFuzzyBeard

In Less than five months since his first 5 song project debut to the world "Cut from a different cloth" (I'm not a puppet) Fuzzy Beard has returned with a 16 track hard hitter "The Notorious Fuzz" (Ready to fly). Using the iconic album cover of the late great rapper and legend, Biggie Smalls, this album seeks to spark interest amongst the youth, in particular, ages 6-18 with remixed trending songs of today.

Fuzzy Beard aims to have the same energy and feel of today's artist without the promotion of drugs, money & the exploitation of woman. After all, he's only a 10 yr old bearded vegan! He says verbatim "I'm the hip hop sesame street, I'm here to preserve the culture and teach the youth the six character pillars one rap at a time." The energy of the album no doubt is intense remixing songs like "Kendrick Lamar's Humble & DNA, The Games 92 bars, and more. Fuzzy Beard displays his lyrical talent and wittiness in an educational playful manner.

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