YO$#! Takes Over the A3C Festival 2017

Hard to outwork, trap sensation named YO$#! (YOSHI) continues to make a name for himself EVERYWHERE he goes. This year at the A3C Festival, YO$#! was seen turning up crowds in different areas, engaging and interacting with fans and Hip Hop heads alike, networking in every way possible, all while being the rapper, rappers love to hate (or hate to love).

His energy was well received as he performed at the Apex Stage with World Wide Wonders, The XXL Pop up at Paper Boy Studios, Culture University with A.B.L Radio and more. YO$#! Made sure he was seen this year, whether it was performing, passing out merchandise, walking with Thing 1 & 2, including being present at Hustle Gangs Listening session seen in almost all media's posts.

He is a pure example that hard work does pay off!! Don’t believe the hype?! YO$#! ended up being the number one most liked artist of the festival, landing more liked then Nas, under the WHATS HOT tab. Get involved today!!

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**September 2017 Tight 32 Emcee Interview: King YOSHI

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